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G e n e r a l T i p s

- To create notes, either use "Create" or "Record".

- Click on "Grid" to disable grid for better framerate.

- To move notes, click on them and drag them, or use your arrow keys or page up/down.

- You can delete notes individually. Just click on a note and hit DELETE on your keyboard.

- To move more notes at once simply draw a rectangle and select notes, and choose one of the then available options.

- To select 'nothing', just press SPACE, or click anywhere.

- To copy/move more than one note to a different page, draw a rectangle over some notes, click copy/move, press PageUp/Dn on your keyboard, choose a destination for your notes and left-click.

- To add some echo simply copy a melody, and paste it a bit slightly after the original melody, then set volume to something like 60, and try pan at -50, then draw a rectangle and select the copied melody and click "volpan".

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