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SHOCKING! MS is still alive!
By muddasheep, July 10th 2005, 16:30:44

Good day!

After my mysterious absence I'm finally back in action! It doesn't matter if you don't know who I am anymore, just listen to what I have to offer now!

- Improved "View All" layout for Personal Pages

- Added "View Statistics" to article section

- Added new article creation page - now everyone can submit articles!

- Added new menu button [article] for personal menu users

So in case you feel like writing articles, you can do it now! Plus, with the statistics page in the article section, I thought it adds some competition too!

Also, a friend (Nine) forced me to finally install Linux on my computer and now I can run "I'm A Dragon" on my local machine and work on it while we still have this fullofcrap server! And who knows, maybe in about one year I'll buy a dedicated server and throw IAD back on the internet, along with the PHQ chat!

Have fun!

Edit: Here's the new IAD blog entry, in case you're interested:


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July 10th 2005, 19:44:27
Erm, wait wait. PHQ is still slow soemtimes and you want to bring IAD back?
July 10th 2005, 20:54:00
did you read the whole sentence? ^^

muddasheep once said:
And who knows, maybe in about one year I'll buy a dedicated server and throw IAD back on the internet, along with the PHQ chat!

a dedicated server would be REALLY fast, and I also said that currently I can work on IAD on my local machine to improve the code and everything, including the code of the PHQ chat, so in the end, this could be rather promising (:
July 11th 2005, 00:51:45
Nice M$ ^^ how should someone forget a person like you?!

Uhrm why did you have to installl a Linux Box to run it?! Anyway it's cool ^-^ I kina like Linux though I don't use it that much :/ I'm still somewhat to urhm lazy to really get working with it :D
July 11th 2005, 02:35:34
because in the installation progress there's a checkbox that reads "install small web server", and then you have apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP and all that crap installed with one click, while in windows it would've taken a while until I finally would've gotten IAD to run ^^ I got some bugs already in linux and even got it to crash once, so at the moment I have no freaking clue why it should be so much better than anything else.. probably, if you know all the linux commands and how it really works behind the surface it's not so bad, but I don't know anything, and that's making me kinda feel uncomfortable with it ^^ an OS is always as good as the user can use it, I guess :D
July 11th 2005, 07:45:57
that sounds's time for some new changings and improvements...
please work, even though slow and steady ^^
July 11th 2005, 13:56:58
hehe yeha it's hard if you don't know anything about it :/ so whats Linux Distribution is it? Debian Gentoo Suse or ?!

MAN Pages can help alot so man [Your Application Command] most of the time gives you some useful tips :)

Apache + MySQL + PHP is quite easy to install at least if you don't use cgi-bin %) haven't come around to find out how difficult it is to install cgi-bin ^^
July 11th 2005, 15:25:50
it's suse 9.3, and yeah installing active perl for cgi-bin - that's where my friend told me to give up and just install linux ^^

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