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Fucking annoying questions.
  • What's Halfquake anyway?
    Halfquake is a Half-Life modification in which the player jumps into the role of a punished victim in a sadistic environment. More information is available here. Furthermore, the term "Halfquake" is used to describe an institute focused on killing victims.
  • And what exactly is Personal Halfquake?
    Based on Halfquake, the web browser game Personal Halfquake lets you take control of your own victim-killing institute. And in case you're wondering - there are neither (real) ads nor hidden fees!
  • And what am I supposed to do once I own a so-called "Halfquake"?
    Build traps, get victims, kill victims.
  • That's all?
    Not quite! There are a lot of other things you can do. For example: Get your own Personal Page, play mini-games, join the forums, or raise your Chosen Victim!
  • Hmm. Alright, I wanna give it a try. How do I join?
    You can create your own institute right here.
  • Actually, I don't want to join anymore. I'm a rather impulsive person.
    That is perfectly fine. You're free to visit other places of the internet, naturally.
  • Thank you.
    Most welcome.
  • But what if I did join and then lost my password? You know, just in case.
    Don't worry, there is a section called Password Recovery that should solve your problem.
  • And what if I lose my head?
    We're currently working on a section called Head Recovery, but it will take a few more years.

Credits and stuff.
  • Personal Halfquake is developed by muddasheep using Perl, MySQL and JavaScript.
  • Testers and contributors: auriane, blackjack, jazzymike, sven, nine, darrn, khimitsu, taskbeenden, thenameless, steltie, kowi, h4ndy, spam, flo, theawake, loony99, koerschken, xenoess, legion, chewbacca, eskimobob, vinteranka, toyoch, spoiler, meisterfredi, drvoodoo, pospi.
  • A very special thanks goes out to all regular players and supporters for your patience.




The price for humanity
was humanity itself.

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