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By muddasheep, May 12th 2005, 18:54:49

Weeeeeee, senseless title decoration!

Thanks to nameless I've updated a lot of stuff in IAD and fixed various problems. If you're not into reading lots of senseless fix logs, you're dismissed! Good night and have fun with everything.

For everyone else, here's a cookie and a list:

- Fixed blackboard bug (name wasn't displayed)

- Fixed sent/received accesskeys lists in housemanager

- Fixed accesskey deletion in "Sent Accesskeys"

- Fixed "Create Portals" list (only 1 portal was displayed)

- Fixed blackboard calculation of space you have to fill up in your room

- Changed Housemanager menu

- Added safeplaces to the arena, the nearest of which you get teleported to when you lose a player fight

- Made the search options in "Create Portals" invisible and clickable

- Added a Help link in "Create Portals"

- Added a background image to Dialogue pictures and various other pictures throughout IAD's little menu

- Added PHQ message notification when you're in chat (if you get a PHQ message the chat will tell you about it)

- Fixed Shop items (only 10 of 14 items were visible in the Place of Nowhere shop)

- There are now 4 rebreak shops at 80/80, 120/80, 120/120 and 80/120 instead of only 1

- You'll get a message when you've been kicked out of the arena! (thanks to Cormallen)

There's a lot more to come, obviously. So stay tuned! And thanks for your patience. (: All suggestions are welcome.

The help section will be updated with all the new stuff once the general "masterplan" is complete. ^^


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