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Win a free HQ-Tshirt of your choice!!
By muddasheep, May 15th 2003, 20:08:08

Dear sadists,

you want a tshirt and a fan cd for free?

Well then this contest must be the right thing for you! Create either a desktop wallpaper or a winamp skin or a flash movie based on Halfquake Amen!

Rules? Yes, there's one rule: Be creative and sadistic!

Send your works to my e-mail address (! You can send more than one work of course! This will raise your chance to win! The contest ends on June 30th 2003. The Jury is: bj, darrn, auri and me.

The winner gets a free tshirt of his choice of the phq shop and - of course - a free fan cd! And I'll add the best ten works to the stuff section at the farm site!

And now ... START WORKIN! ^^


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