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Minor Update
By muddasheep, August 19th 2005, 22:10:59


just thought I'd mention the latest changes:

Personal Pages
- When adding a comment, the text you just commented on will be shown
- Added hyphens to the list of texts of a series
- New message codes exclusive for Personal Pages: [img], [img_left], [img_right] and [url]
- Added a "show message code" button below textfield of texts (please check the code list to see how the new codes work)
- Old message removed when deleting texts ("You will also lose 500 HTD moves and 5,000 SD")

Personal Links
- Shortened URLs in overview

- Changed layout of signatures
- Now you see the last 10 created threads and the last 10 replies, instead of only 5

- Artefacts are now shown properly when investigating other's institutes' chosen victims

- You can now edit article comments
- Added a button instead of a link to view article comments (it won't go to the top of the page anymore)

Thanks for reading, in case you did. ^^


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