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Organizer and Fellow Sadists
By muddasheep, August 11th 2007, 20:06:49

Dear sadists,

since I myself needed something to organize my projects a bit, I thought, what the heck, I'll create a tool for everyone. Seeing as there are a lot of people around here who lead projects themselves, it seemed to be a reasonable idea.

Anyway, you can reach the new tool here: Organizer

The organizer is capable of doing the following:

- Create ToDo-Entries. These entries can be marked as complete. Also, to always see all incomplete tasks go to your Profile and choose either Right or Left for Organizer ToDo List.

- Keep notes. Simply add an entry without any date, and the entry will always be displayed, no matter what day and time.

- Lead a sort of diary, for projects and the like. You can enter specific start and end information and the organizer will display the total duration you've worked on the respective item.

- Invite other people to see or even edit certain entries. These people need to be on your Fellow Sadists list.

I'd say if you'd like to use the Organizer just play around with its functions, and in case you want to see something implemented or find any error, just give me a note.

Further, I've finally added something what others would call a Friends List: Fellow Sadists

As always in the past, I'm open to suggestions and criticism.

Enjoy your day.


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