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Which part of the black market should stay destroyed forever?

Chosen Victim Bazaar0 votes (0%)
Resource Silos0 votes (0%)
Victims Storerooms2 votes (8.69%)
Laboratory1 vote (4.34%)
Trap Engineer3 votes (13.04%)
Jaymeeow Li-Wa's Fine Restaurant0 votes (0%)
EVERYTHING ABOVE (please choose carefully)1 vote (4.34%)
Everything must remain as it is!16 votes (69.56%)

August 09th 2015, 18:38:22
Well... I found the Trap Engineer pretty useless most of the time. >_>

Most important right now is the CV Bazaar or at least the life and death cells! They are mandatory to make our CVs useful. Especially the death cell!
August 09th 2015, 22:27:04
Victims Storerooms is the most unnecessary part of PHQ for me.
August 10th 2015, 17:33:10
Victims Storerooms is the most necessary part of PHQ for me. I need them to make any kind of XP. I get 5.400 Victims through contracts and I kill 50.000 each day. I bought the rest off of the nice slave peddlers on the black market.
August 10th 2015, 19:45:27
Work! *whip* *hootshiii* Work! *whip* Work!

slaves... Aaah kings. They get old so fast. I feel old after whipping my slaves. Oh, our slaves.
It's communism. Everyone steal what they can!
August 11th 2015, 04:24:10
Next task after the bazaar: Resources? We're really getting short on N's and O's and it gets really hard to craft traps. :S
August 11th 2015, 10:25:18
I don't need the resources that much now cuz I have two old institutes to request from. But since I'm more of an exception here, it's not my right to decide. But still, if you're interested in my opinion, I'd like to get back Li-Wa's and the Lab sooner to keep our CVs happy and healthy.
August 11th 2015, 15:48:51
I feel generous today, so have these from me: NONONONONONONONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
August 13th 2015, 06:02:18
I miss the old Jaymeeows. It had such a nostalgic athmosphere in it.

As for resources those O's, A's, E's are getting quite rare. But Jaymeeows first, or I'll buy out all the food in the market so I can show it to CV. But not feed him, no.
August 14th 2015, 08:38:00
Seriously, should bring back Jaymeeow's. Kind of miss it.
August 15th 2015, 13:28:34
Fuck Jaymeeow, think logically for once, there's still plenty of food on the bazaar but no fucking N's, O's, E's, A's, S's (asses haha), R's, T's, I's and F's and no possibility to convert resources! And my current traps are ANNOYING Buttons, that's 3 FUCKING N'S and I'm getting short on A and O too!

Grarghrghr. Donations are welcome though. :P

(I can't even really craft those old shitty traps, and I have 2 traps with durability 1 and 4 traps with durability 2, I'M GONNA DIE)
August 15th 2015, 18:16:45
Food on the market (is making me feel greedy even though i have millions in the vault) does not keep my CV full enough to vomit (or even gather resources). Resources are a problem though.
Not a single use I can have for any of my traps though because I have no victims.

Also you can access trap engineer from traps, but cannot from the market. A way around lol.
August 15th 2015, 18:30:07
If you have no victims, you should maybe get some contracts? :P

Yeah but the trap engineered traps are a) bad as shit and b) have random directions, so there's a high chance that I can't use them effectively.

BUT OKAY, Jaymeefuckingow is nearly done anyway, so just finish that and then please let's all concentrate on resources!
August 16th 2015, 05:23:58
Agreed, resources is definitely the next priority. Can get creatures from the defense coupons anyway if you really want some before lab is finished.
August 16th 2015, 06:07:05
My contracts can only yield me victims at 0.1 of my daily kill capacity. My fame is 1. Used to buy them from the market anyway.
With Jaymeeows I can at least get more victims and resources by plugging my lazy, food-craving CV into work.
Also what are def coupons? Don't have any.
August 16th 2015, 14:31:51
@Neoviper: but you can't get the datasheets using the coupons.
@Greatfox: you get them if you donate for defence when the Common enemy is coming. You're a bit late for dinner.
August 16th 2015, 17:11:36
I'm always late to the party. When I get back into the seat I'll donate a couple tens of millions from my vault.
August 16th 2015, 18:26:11
Glory to me, the king! 30m was enough to bring Meeeows back into action (what a burden on my treasury though). Now onto the resources and victim storage...

So who has spare thirty millions to invest into the resources now?
August 16th 2015, 20:36:46
I whip my *yawn* slaves as *yawn* hard as I can. Resources are almost done.

Resources done. Victims now.

I'm bored.

Hail to the king, baby.
August 16th 2015, 22:55:18
I still need my Lab back :'(
August 16th 2015, 23:31:25
I'll actually swap to ordering a lab before finishing off the victims.
August 17th 2015, 00:54:08
Thank you our saviour!
August 17th 2015, 01:59:01
Nice job, Greatfox!
August 17th 2015, 03:49:56
Just how much money did you have saved up this whole time? I barely had enough to get halfway through jaymeeow.
August 17th 2015, 04:32:56
Laboratory done, now to victims.
I think I will not repair the engineer, since it is accessible through the Traps page (a sadistic exploit) - so you can access him without repairing him.

Obviously someone should promise not to fix it.

Victims ready.
August 17th 2015, 07:28:49
I think you are the best sadism king ever. Muddasheep should give you some kind of a badge for this.
August 17th 2015, 08:55:59
The button to invest money disappeared, but the trap engineer is not yet done. You can still access him from the traps.
August 19th 2015, 05:04:21
Anyone wants a couple DVDs from the market to tease their dragons to the heartattack?

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