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Poll: 140 - Total votes: 69
Should we shut everything down?

Yes, destroy everything until we're just left with a tiny black dot.3 votes (4.34%)
Yes, but let us continue anti-socializing. Whatever that means.9 votes (13.04%)
No, just set the Throne of Sadism on fire, and we're good.16 votes (23.18%)
No, keep things running as they are.31 votes (44.92%)
No, but do a full reset and let us start again.10 votes (14.49%)

February 23rd 2016, 15:25:16
Well played xD
March 07th 2016, 02:00:41
I'm a f@king n00b xD
March 09th 2016, 16:03:12
You can change your mind, Egi. There's a button for that.
March 09th 2016, 16:09:54
But seriously. As much as I'd like PHQ to get back to its older stature with many players, fun events and such things modern online games do to keep people interested and playing, I'd really miss PHQ if a total reboot with a retake on gameplay mechanics is made. The cookies, insanity, surface exploration fun, traps and contracts... Perhaps we could make this PHQ as a tribute to the old days where we could always log on and have nostalgic rants and old school gameplay every PHQ day, while MS will thoroughly think on the modernish PHQ concept for a new, more pop-styled online browser game and get it working.
March 13th 2016, 19:36:35
Set this shit on fire! I dunno it just seems like a good idea at the time.
March 17th 2016, 10:12:01
I guess you just like setting things on fire. It's okay. You're not alone in this matter.
August 26th 2016, 03:30:53
look at the heat on that green black and white wire!

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