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Syndel's Spire
Syndel's Spire

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Abstract Thought. PT 1.

Added:August 17th 2007, 00:50:43
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Are there any who exist who can rise to any challenge? Those who survive, regardless of their odds? Those who strive to truly become better then their potential? Why do we fear failure? This shall answer none of these questions but there are more. If only we could think of them.

I awake. The eternal darkness, oppressive on me. But still I awake. I strive towards what little light still remains visible, climbing over invisible shapes, I am as the lizard. Darting from one position to another, always moving upwards. The darkness is punctured by the light as I climb. Deep shafts, of purples and greens lend sick light to my world. Through them I see the world distorted, as if the lights control not only the appearance, but shape and feel of this world. I gasp as I slip, the world below me filled with horrors beyond my imagination, even after being down there for so long. What is this? Desperation? Aspiration? These thoughts abandoned me long ago. No, there is only one thing my mind feels, shattered, panicked and alert.


I suppose some explanation is necessary but I'm sure you can understand that right now I'm under quite a bit of pressure. The world shifts, my thoughts tumbling chaos further into the void. Vast, unnamed, half-imagined blocks of conciousness fall past me. Suddenly, a block strikes me. Sparks fly under my eyelids, burning my sockets, making them numb. My vision swims as my claws reach to instinctively clutch the surface of the wall. Thankfully, my claws find purchase in the sheer wall, I let out a gasp of relief, my vision still blotched and head swimming. Suddenly a great light appears before me. I glance around, not seeing the source. It seems to move with my sight. Gasping, once again, I notice it's source. My eye's crack and split as a golden beam carves it's way across them like a earthquake. I feel it, cracking and moving, manipulating my vision. In horror I panick and let go. I tumble, I roll, I fall, the light from my eyes showing the speed of my descent.


I awake. The eternal darkness, oppressive on me. I have been here before. I hesitantly step, a thin light visible far above. I recall my previous attempt to escape and recoil, grasping my eyes. Visions flick through my conciousness, stills from a faulty projector. I see life. I see a woman. I see a house. I see a hospital. I see a car. I cannot make sense of these images, fractured and torn like this world. I glance up. I climb. I must climb. Some unstoppable instinct tells me to reach the light. My head hurts. My vision swims as I climb but I must keep going. My body morphs before me, strong, able ligaments fail and sag as I struggle. I feel myself slip, I fall. My vision flips once more to the car and is gone. I never even felt the impact.


I suppose some explanation is necessary. I have been here before. Many times. The world above is something incomprehensible to me as I am. I know at one time I must have understood this at one time. If I could only reach it I could recover, live once again in the light. If I could get up there I would be safe, safe from the darkness which pervades this place. I sense others, I am afraid. I climb, relentlessly, feeling my new attempt with vigour. I ask myself: have I done this before? What happened? Why am I down here and not up there? I see tracks, I follow, they appear somehow familiar and match my movements perfectly. My mind thoughts are less desperate then before. I move slowly and Tread my path observantly. The texture of the ground beneath my claws is soft, but solid. Almost as if it were as familiar as my own scales. Suddenly the ground beneath me vibrates, if I hadn't been looking I'm sure I would have missed it. I glance down and see dim light flowing from the ground beneath, illuminating the shape of large, grape shaped edifices in the walls. It appears what I have been climbing all this time is a sort of cylindrical tube, ribbed with small rounded lumps, uneven in placing and shape.

The light is inconsistent and changes before my eyes, I cannot make sense of it's dim source, one of the rounded lumps, but it is obvious this is not what I'm looking for. I ignore the light and travel on. My pace quickens as I ascend, tail held out for balance. My eyes constantly following both my goal and my footing. For a moment I rest, glancing back into the abyss. All I see is pure darkness, an immeasurable drop, sending shivers down my spine. I collect myself, hanging there, noticing the light, Vast shafts of purple and greens descend down, disappearing into the darkness. Above there is nothing but white light. I judge that I must be close as I see more. My vision is clearer and my thoughts are more focused than before. Relaxed and reassured by my conclusion I notice a dull, humming sound coming from the walls. Did I always hear this? Or is this new? Should I be afraid? Suddenly the humming sound turns into a rumbling, churning sound and the wall seems to shake. I notice with horror movements above. The mounds on the side of this shaft had started moving, vast blocks, twice my size, rose and fell, shifted and slotted around above me. Suddenly my perch begins to shake. The mound I am currently resting on shakes violently, A light emits from the block, blinding me as I glance round. I raise an arm to protect my eyes, but fail to support my body with my other one. I fall, once more, into the darkness. Into the abyss. Why?

I am...

My name is... I don't recall. My head hurts like hell and I'm lying in complete darkness, save for the light above. I lie here for some time. Thoughts randomly slotting into place. I was hurt? Suddenly pain shoots through my back and legs, as if I had been squeezed by a vice. “No, I'm not ready yet!” I heard my voice shout. My voice? Did I always have a voice? My name? Thoughts swimming, understanding unobtainable. How long must I wait? I glance upwards. Familiar light shines down on me. I remember a climb, and a fall. Several falls. Pain? That had been the first time I had felt pain in such a long time. Hesitantly I reached down to feel my legs, noticing suddenly that they had disappeared. Once more pain shot through me, I could feel blood, lots of blood. In the dark I panicked, trying to hold my emotions in. I wanted to shout out at the world, to tell it to stop what it was doing to me, but something held me back. I focused, calmed myself. Withstanding the pain by sheer force of will. Suddenly it was gone, like a bad memory. I felt new, reborn. Hesitantly I reached down once more to feel my legs and found them, good as new and wearing some sort of jeans. Jeans? Confused once more, I felt the fabric surrounding my legs. I knew what Jeans were, as if it had always been common knowledge but I am a lizard. We have no need for such things surely? That stuff is reserved for h- Suddenly pain shot through my head yet again. Memories filled my vision, a car, a house, my family, my wife. “Who am I?!” I shouted to the world in general, echoing into the light above. I crawled up into a ball, finding the edge of the tube and huddling there. I stayed quite some time down in the bottom of the hole... but even if I had wanted to I could not stay for ever.

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