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Syndel's Spire
Syndel's Spire

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Abstract Thought PT 2.

Added:August 24th 2007, 03:12:04
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If you could, would you? Could you see and not stare, stare in awe? Fear? Terror? ...shame? Could you look unknowing but guilty all the same? Could you bare to face it, an insult to yourself? People live their whole lives without facing it but few who do ever recognise it's worth. To be at peace, to be free, to be accepting. To be without that which would hold you back, or keep you sane.

Could you abandon all that makes you human?

I can't

Down here, in the dark. Alone. Before now I could not consider the concept of loneliness, nor the fear I feel as I tread this abyss. It's the dark which makes this unbearable. My vision is not only limited my the lack of light, but also the silence, the loss of all senses, unless of course I look up. Above the room remains, somehow larger than before, light filtering down but never reaching the floor. I make no noise as I shuffle along countless times, in random directions. For the thousandth time the questions that haunt me drift through my mind: Who am I? Where am I? I stop. I've reached the side again. A sheer wall with few foot holds and upcroppings, some glowing faintly. I feel the urge to climb but something tells me to turn away. As I turn, seemingly against my will, light catches my eye. Illuminated, roughly in the middle of the chamber a spotlight touches the ground, so bright as to create an almost solid cone of yellow illumination. I stumble towards it, desperate to reach that which I instinctively desire. I come upon it, eye's focusing slowly the sudden, unfamiliar light. At my feet lies a book, with a lizard perched on it, eyeing me as if shocked to see me.

For a while I stand on the edge of the light, watching the lizard. Eventually it turns and seems to melt into the darkness beyond, leaving the book behind. As I pick it up I note it's features, a tattered looking thing, unquestionably familiar but puzzling in the fact I cannot recognise it. It has a dark purple, grain textured cover, with slightly lighter green oval gem fixed in the center. As I run my hands over it, feeling the ripples of the texture, it responds to my touch. The gem lightens and pulses beneath my fingers and suddenly I am hit with a profound comfort, as if some property in it is inherently part of me. Hesitantly, but unafraid, I turn the cover to a bookmark and a light-handed, carefully penned text meets my eyes.

My name is Arkurzul. I am a spirit guide. My body is wrecked. Without control over my body I cannot analyse the situation and diagnose the problem but it is evident that there has been significant damage to my conciousness. I have witnessed this world as it is, shattered, corrupted, confused. I tried to ascend to gain some bearing over the situation but failed, repeatedly. I can only assume that with the situation at present the body is incapable of sustaining on it's own, especially without my control, but it puzzles me. If the damage is as extensive as I think and if this place is really what I think it is there are questions which desperately need answering. Firstly, why is it still alive? Damage this bad cannot be sustained for this long without some form of help from the outside. Why am I still here? I feel I should have moved on, abandon this place to the chaos that has so totally overwhelmed it.

I have found another here, human – at least in appearance. I cannot tell whether this is just some random flux or even if this being has come from outside this place but, again I feel the odd familiarity in this place resonating within him. I shall leave him a trail to follow, if he reads this he shall know what to do to call me, but can I dare to hope? Can it be him? I shall have to be vigilant.

At the bottom of the entry I note a signature but unlike the rest of the text all that was present was a small claw-print. I look around for any trace of the lizard who had perched so confidently on this book, almost as if it was his, nay - I am sure it was his. Unfortunately the light provided from above is still to narrow to explore further then a few meters. Eventually I checked the book again but every page was blank further in the book. Every page before the bookmark is covered in some complicated scripture, of which I can only recognise a few words. Desperate, I read the two entry's I can understand again, searching for clues. My eyes focus hesitantly on the first words. Suddenly, inspiration strikes and I call out, into the abyss. “Arkurzul!” The light from above flickers and disappears, I glance upwards and see all along the tube lights are disappearing till all that's left are pinpricks of light in the distance but suddenly they go too. I am alone once more.

“Yes?” Comes a deep voice from the darkness, the tone suggesting a life of battles and scars, the infliction of a thousand wounds and receipt of many more. I turn, once more, to look upon it.

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