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May 01st 1984

Quick Movie Reviews VIII

Added:October 01st 2007, 23:41:30
Series:[ Quick Movie Reviews ]
Rating:4.75/5 (Votes: 4)

Now with IMDB links!

Avatar - The Last Airbender [ 2005 ]
Aang, the last airbender, is the current Avatar, the master of all four elements. At least he will be. Aang is only twelve and has yet to master water, earth and fire. With his new friends Catara, a waterbender, and Sokka, a watertribe warrior, he travels around the globe to seek the masters to teach him new moves.
The first few episodes of season one are cheesy. After watching the first two seasons I still wonder what the hell went wrong in the beginning. And then comes episode five and suddenly it catches up. It gets funny, really funny. It gets epic. It becomes seriously awesome. All moves made by air/water/earth/fire-benders are based on Ba Gua/Tai Chi/Hung Gar Kung Fu/Northern Shaolin Kung Fu fighting styles, respectively. Every character is full of life. Every episode and every side story has its own little place in the big picture. Avatar is a masterpiece. Season 3 is currently running every Friday night on Nickelodeon, so you better catch up with season one and two. You won't regret it.
[ ]

The Last King of Scotland [ 2006 ]
A fresh doctor named Nicholas Garrigan spins a globe and lets fate decide where it should take him. His first try sends him to Canada. He quickly spins again and this time his finger hits Uganda. It is clear that he was up for a challenge. Though, it is uncertain whether he is ready, as he soon discovers that Uganda is reigned by the strict and brutal dictator Idi Amin. Nicholas's talents earn him a place as Idi's personal doctor. When Nicholas finds out that he is more of a prisoner than a freelance doctor, he desperately tries to free himself and go home. Idi however does everything in his power to not let that happen. Everything.
The movie starts rather easy on the eyes, more like a hippie-story of a doctor trying to live his life and still be of use to people. But the violence level increases with every passing minute until the final showdown. I must say, after seeing movies like 120 Days of Sodom I'm quite used to a lot, but The Last King of Scotland really surprised me with uncompromising images that I'm sure will stay in my head for a long time. It's not silly action violence, everything looks as real as it gets. Also it needs to be added that it is actually based on real events. Idi Amin did indeed exist on this planet. All in all, a definite add to everyone's to-watch list.
[ ]

Bobby [ 2006 ]
Who's Bobby? Bobby is a nickname for the on June 6th 1968 assassinated Robert F. Kennedy, one of the two younger brothers of John F. Kennedy. I basically just spoiled the ending, more or less. The movie plays in the hotel before the assassination and shows various subplots, mostly filled with rather famous actors and actresses like Laurence Fishburne, Anthony Hopkins, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy, Demi Moore, Christian Slater, Sharon Stone, Elijah Wood, ... the list goes on. I guess you'd have to be an american and a patriot to fully enjoy this movie. I myself found the subplots to be a bit dragging. The end was dramatic, and all subplots' characters were well enough developed to make you care. But the two hours leading to the end are a test of patience. Still, one can't just dismiss a pile of so many great actors.
[ :( :( ]

The Number 23 [ 2007 ]
One day Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) finds a book in an old bookstore, describing how the author's life was haunted by the number 23. The author would just find it everywhere, in his birthdate, his name, and other oddities. Walter finds similarities in everything he examines closer. The number 23 is everywhere. But what does it mean to him?
Personally I love seeing Carrey in more serious roles. In Number 23 he delivered an outstanding and believable performance. The only thing that is a bit of a let-down is the ending. If you've seen a lot of movies you'll go "duuuuuuuh, okaaaay" once you reach the end. But until then it's a very thrilling ride full of mystery around the book and Walter's connection to it. Worth a try.
[ :( ]

Paprika [ 2006 ]
Imagine a world in which people can enter everyone's dreams and somebody abuses that technique to try and manipulate the whole world for his own benefit, and a few heroes try and stop that individual - and that all in best anime style. What you get is a whole lot of surreal and symbolic scenes. If you liked Studio Ghibli's productions, this is definitely a movie for you.
[ ]

The Da Vinci Code [ 2006 ]
Ever thought of the truth behind the Holy Grail, or if Jesus really didn't have a marriage and any children? No? Well, I guess after the most recent Da Vinci Code hype even you now know everything. The movie is based on the book with the same name. Like most movies based off books, it just feels like flipping through pages, leaving out key scenes important to either character or story development. As it is, Da Vinci Code is just a boring walk through a different take on a part of history. If you've watched any of the documentaries surrounding Da Vinci Code you'll realize they did a much better job building up suspense than the movie did.
[ :( :( :( :( ]

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [ 2004 ]
Are there any persons, pets or things in your life that you wish you could forget? Eternal Sunshine shows us a world in which a doctor holds the solution. A machine to completely erase every last evidence of that one person, pet or thing you'd like to get rid of. The woman of a couple (Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) is fed up with her husband and erases him from her memory. Angered, Jim decides to do so as well, only to find out during the process that he doesn't want to forget about her. Thus, he struggles to keep her in his memory.
All in all, a very thrilling and meaningful movie.
[ ]

Almost Famous [ 2000 ]
An aspiring young writer gets the chance of his lifetime: Write a front cover story for the Rolling Stone. He travels along with the touring band only to dive deep into the life of music and its bright and dark sides.
This movie is suitable for every writer and musician. I for myself loved every minute of it.
[ ]

Rushmore [ 1998 ]
Rushmore Academy. Student Max Fischer can do anything. Publisher of a school magazine, french club president, stamp and coin club vice-president, debate team captain, lacrosse team manager, calligraphy club president, astronomy society founder, fencing team captain, etcetera. The only thing missing in his life is love. When he finds first love in a teacher, he sacrifices everything only to win her eyes. What he can't accept is the obvious age difference, and a competitor: Bill Murray.
What sounds like a cheap teenie movie, is actually probably just that, with a tiny bit more depth below the surface. At least, for some people. The best parts of the movie is where Max really kicks ass with his skills, like the dramatic ending. I watched it twice and - unsurprisingly - it was a lot better the first time. The second time the - most probably - true face of the movie revealed itself to me. It is a teenie movie. Everything else is between the lines. Probably worth a try if you can see Bill Murray in yet another more or less pointless movie (compared to other ones he's played in).
[ :( :( ]

Ikiru [ 1952 ]
Kanji Watanabe has been working in the same position, the same building with the same people for about twenty years of his life. One day his doctor tells him - more or less indirectly - that he is suffering of stomach cancer. Suddenly Kanji wakes up and realizes what life should be. For the remaining days of his life he's trying to live every second to its fullest.
After I've seen this movie on a few lists of best movies of all time, naturally I had to see it. It takes a bit to get used to, after all this movie is more than 50 years old. But you'll soon realize through the excellent camera work and script that this movie truly shines. If you're in a depressed mood, you should watch Ikiru, as it will show you a way "To Live".
[ :( ]

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time [ 2006 ]
On a quite normal day in school a girl finds herself tripping in a room and gaining the ability to travel through time. At first she's using it only for fun and for her own good, only to find out that whenever she avoids something dangerous through time travel, somebody else gets it. She discovers that some things even can't be avoided at all, that some things are maybe just meant to be...
Animation is truly superb, as are voices and music. The story could have been just a tad bit better. But still, if you like anime, this should be on your list.
[ :( ]

Rome (Season 1) [ 2005 ]
This series shows a little bit of every class during Caesar's reign over Rome. We see the painful existence of slaves, the simple life of soldiers, up to higher class citizens and even Caesar himself. Most of it with stunning accuracy and sometimes uncompromising violence. In my opinion, it shows how Rome could've really been. You're not going to regret spending time with this series.
[ ]

Simpsons - The Movie [ 2007 ]
A normal day in Springfield, just when grandpa gets hit by god's wisdom and proclaims doom. Of course, Homer does the right thing and not listen to him, nor any of the dozen signs telling him not to go on further, as he's on his way to dump tons of pig stool in a lake. Thus, Springfield is - you guessed it - doomed, and is shut off from the rest of the world by a huge glass sphere. Lisa sees another potential boyfriend, Bart turns over to the Flanders family, and Marge struggles to find anything left in her marriage with Homer worth living for.
For all I care, this movie had way too less Burns in it. xD That's why it's only 4/5. There were some pretty good jokes thrown in here and there of course. But, not enough Burns. For my taste anyway. It's a really good hang-out movie though. I laughed out loudly once, and chuckled even more. But 4/5 it is. Well, it should be 5/5. But I'm not really sure. It's probably the best Simpsons movie they could've made. There's only so much potential left of the Simpsons universe.
[ :( ]

The Sword in the Stone [ 1963 ]
Merlin, the all knowing magician (also able to travel through time), teaches the little boy Wart little lessons of life, for the future holds huge responsibilities. Wart's destined to be the one to take the sword out of the stone, making him King Arthur of England. To be honest, this is an absolute classic film. The animation, seeing as it was released in 1963, is phenomenal, the characters are lovely and well performed. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I for myself will always remember it as one of the best movies I've seen during my childhood (and since I never plan to grow up it will always be one of my most favorite movies).
[ :( ]

The IT Crowd [ 2006 ]
This series is about an IT department of a huge office building. If you're into computers you should've seen this yesterday. All characters are funny as hell. You will find yourself quoting many lines after you've watched IT Crowd. And you should watch it at least twice to make up for the bad season two. So, take my advice, get season one, ignore season two, and enjoy the laughs.
[ ]

The Lion King [ 1994 ]
Yes. It's a classic Disney movie, featuring talking and singing animals. It probably is a bit naive in its story most of the time. But still. The animation is wonderful. I remember sitting in the cinema and watching the large stampede running down into the canyon and I knew this was the huge step into a new era of animated movies. This is one of the best Disney movies. There's no denying of that.
[ :( ]

Emperor's New Groove [ 2000 ]
One day emperor Kuzco is accidentally turned into a lama by the old Yzma and her sidekick Kronk (they actually wanted to kill him). Kronk is ordered to end the lama's life, but in the end the lama lands on a peasant's cart. At the peasant Pacha's home the emperor must find a way back to the palace, with the help of Pacha.
If you are sick and the only cure is laughter, this movie is the perfect medicine. It is the best Disney movie to date. Nothing can beat it.
[ ]

Music and Lyrics [ 2007 ]
A legend of the 80s, Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is told to compose a song within a very short time to make a hit comeback. Alex however is only skilled in composing melodies, not in writing lyrics. Along comes Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) to aid with her poetic skills.
I didn't expect much, but it still surprised me. I think especially if you're a songwriter yourself, you can somehow identify with the characters and the story. It's very well written, with a few laughs and an acceptable ending. I enjoyed it quite a lot.
[ :( ]

Blades of Glory [ 2007 ]
Chazz (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy (Jon Heder) are professional ice skaters. Once they are both tied for best score they both get the gold medal. A fight between those two breaks out and they're both stripped off their medals and their license to participate in any future single-man competitions. They find a back door in the rules and are now participating as the first male ice skating pair.
If you enjoy satire, this is a true delicacy. Everything is exaggerated to the extreme, but still somehow believable enough to make you laugh through the whole movie. In case Zoolander is on your list of best movies, consider adding Blades of Glory right next to it.
[ ]

October 03rd 2007, 01:54:41
Nice Reviews again! ^^ (4/5 because these are 19 reviews at once, a bit too long, could have been a twoparter)

I've watched:
-Avatar: Only one Episode, really stylish art, but I guess I got one of the "cheesy" episodes, so I didn't really watch further.

-Paprika: Nice concept, nice animation, story could have been a bit deeper with more background (might need a whole anime series of 24 eps for that, lol)

-Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind: Wow! great story, great images, great creativity with everything, awesome acting by Jim Carry and Kate Winslet. Great everything!!!

-The Simpsons Movie: For me a 2/5. Basically because this movie has nothing to
do with the Simpsons. As a big, big Simpsons fan, I must say the movie is a collection of childish slapstick gags performed by stereotypically simplified Simpsons characters. Alsoa badly animated at various points. You could enjoy this movie if you don't watch the Simpsons regularly. The original Simpsons style is just completely gone. The movie has become, what the series once made fun of. Every Episode is better.

-The Lion King: Agree... ^^

and yet some more movies on the to-watch-list xD

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