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Diary of a vampire, entry 7

Added:November 06th 2007, 23:39:27
Series:[ Diary of a vampire. ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 3)


Feedback is very welcome on this.


It seems every night I learn something new about my... condition. Every new moment brings new revelations into my new-found vampirism. Last night was horrific in all it's forms but it brought me new knowledge, new information about a world I could not even have begun to imagine existed.

I slept fully through the day, waking only as the last shreds of sunlight disappeared over the suburban rooftops. I stood hazily, the events of the previous night swimming, somehow distant in my head. Glancing around I felt puzzled at my unfamiliar surroundings. I decided sleepily that looking out the window may give me some anchor from which to focus my thoughts.
Outside in the twilight an unfamiliar street met my eyes. Rows of terraced houses lined the street, tiny front gardens illuminated by intermittent street lamps, unsure of whether they should be on or off in the fading light. The road was narrow, lined with cars of all shapes and sizes, from the simply practical cars to huge people carriers. There was an overriding feel of grittiness to the scene, cars caked with dried mud, some with windscreens proudly displaying year old muck. This was far from the posh, quietly superior neighbourhood I was used to. Suddenly a fleeting memory of the previous night flew into focus, I had been running... injured? I subconsciously rubbed my neck, though I felt no pain, more of the hollow memory of pain.
Suddenly I heard a sound, or simply a change in pitch to a background noise that had somehow always been buzzing just beyond hearing. There were muffled noises of a TV set from downstairs, some voice droning on in a fixed accent, words too distorted to make out. Glancing around I saw a chair with my clothes, cleaned, pressed and laid out in a professional manner.
A vision of blood pounded through my mind and a deep, subconscious roar was brought forth from my memory. Suddenly my thoughts were clear to me again and I could clearly remember what my own mind had been trying to hide from me. A deep, sickening crack came to the forefront of my mind and I grimaced in pain of the memory. I then knew where I was, and who would be watching the TV downstairs. My thoughts turned to panic. Would he know I was a vampire? Would he question what happened last night? Why had he not insisted I be taken to a hospital? What did he want from me? All these questions buzzed through my mind but one overriding thought crossed above them all: Am I in danger? After a moment I realised that if he had meant me harm then he had had plenty of time in which to take advantage of my weakened state, and it was hard to imagine the comforting figure that had provided me shelter and clean clothes as a potential threat. I decided then that I would thank the man for his kindness and leave and work out what to do later, once I had cleared my thought or gained some knowledge.

Gratefully I donned the clothing and headed downstairs, tucking my diary within my shirt. I met Benolt again as I descended into the hallway. He stood, facing away towards a mirror in the hallway, focusing intently on his reflection. He heard me coming and before I could utter a word said to me in a gruff monotone “Well, I expect you'll be wanting something to eat” and disappeared into an adjoining room before I could comment. I followed him, focusing on my words to be careful not to give myself away. As I approached the door I realised that I would not be able to eat whatever breakfast this man intended to give me but by then it was too late, I was already at the doorway and he was focusing on me intently.
The room was a small kitchen with a gas cooker and surfaces surrounding most of the wall space, with every other space above and below containing wooden shelves and cupboards, aged with use. Benolt sat at the kitchen table reading a newspaper and sipping an unidentifiable liquid from a battered mug. Directly opposite was an empty chair, which he motioned me to take. I took it, feeling alien in this confined space, filled with a heavy atmosphere of cooking and brewing. Behind me, the television, situated on a small wall stand just above head height as I entered the room, relayed the mornings news. “...and our local stories tonight, police report a large, wolf-life creature may be loose on the streets of Gableton after a man reported last night that an unidentified 'Fanged' creature broke through a five-inch solid oak door, splintering it to pieces. The local police force released an official statement today which highlighted the need for increased vigilance in the area and warned anyone who sees the beast to...” Benolt was staring at me intently. I knew instinctively that he knew, but stared back – refusing to show weakness.
Eventually he grunted, reaching down beside his left leg without breaking his stare. He leaned back slowly and brought up a long tube like object and laid it on the table in front of him. The object was a twin-barrelled sawn-off shotgun, both barrels staring straight at me, more menacing then even Benolts cold stare. I recoiled in shock, chair skidding backwards behind me, weighing up my chances of escaping before he could grab the trigger and shoot me. “Easy, lad,” came his quiet, measured and focused voice. “This thing isn't for you, it's for me. I have to make sure you're not one of them.
“Them?” I replied. He nodded solemnly, disregarding my incomprehension.
“Sit down,” he said, tone clear and gentle but his eyes, sharp and piercing, never leaving me. At once I felt the urge to disappear, I could feel the slight tingle I had felt in my bedroom as I had hidden from my mother. I could almost feel it, if I just stepped backwards I could disappear, be removed from the world and escape Benolt.
“Don't even try it,” he said, as if reading my mind. His eyes still like snakes, never blinking in all this time. I decided that if he had meant to shoot me he would have done so by now and so, slowly picked up the chair and sat on it.
“Good. Don't think you can fool me by thinking that I don't know exactly what I am dealing with here,” he said. Damn his eyes were like magnets, never drifting, never focusing on anything but me.
“What do you want?,” I asked, all pretence of being 'normal' lost.
“I'm here... to help,” he replied.
“Is this how you normally help your guests?” I replied, my nerves giving me bravado.
“Saving their lives? No,” he said evenly.
“I would have been fine without you,” I said with injured pride.
“Hah, you're all alike you lot. 'kin'.” He spat the last word.
“Oh I know all about you, vampire.”
“How?” I asked, genuinely curious how he could be so open to the concept.
“Not all people are as ignorant as you, childe,*” he said. [*A term I later discovered was a patronising term for inexperienced or young vampires.] “I guess we'll have to do this the long way then. Firstly there's the blood, no one human could survive losing that much blood, unless of course they had found some hapless victim from which to leach some from first.” His voice full of his obvious distaste for vampire. “Secondly there's the drink I gave you last night.” My mind flashed back to the glass forced into my hand. “Yup, human blood. Not mine of course but human all the same.” I realised he must be speaking the truth, anything else I would have been forced to spit up again. “Then of course there's the story.” He motioned with one hand towards the TV, keeping the other close to the ever present shotgun. “Now, correct me if I'm wrong but it seems someone may have had a problem with their loss of blood last night.”

It was all true, of course. I felt no need to deny it after this man had shown me every kindness in keeping me alive. “Why the shotgun?” I asked. “Surely if you knew all this you'd simply have shot me before?”
“You should be glad it was me who found you!” he said, slightly more relaxed now. “There are those who would gladly bring final death to you for your antics last night... besides... I had to find out whether you were really you.”
“Stop being cryptic.” I demanded. “What's this final death?”
He squinted at me for a moment, almost as if he expected me to be telling a joke, then he laughed heartily. “So, you really are a complete greenhorn?” he chuckled to himself. I glared at him, face stinging from an irrational embarrassment.
“Okay, greenhorn – this is how it works,” he said, for the first time removing his hand from the handle of the sawn-off. “So, you're dead. Some evil vicious biter dude came up to you and managed to separate you from your mortal coil, yada, yada, yada – but wait! Life's not over for you sorry bastard yet. Instead of that heaven you were promised so much in Sunday school you now find yourself waking up dead, and what's the first thing you do? Why, celebrate by spreading your pain amongst the rest of the human race.” He paused, waiting for me to digest all this. “The fact is, you're dead. You're body just hasn't given up living yet. Your soul has decided it'll hang around for how ever long you're body needs it but there isn't any real way you can truly live as you are, the only problem being that the alternative is an eternity as satan's shoe-shine boy. So instead, your kine** hang around living out pitiful existences in the mortal realm and generally making everyone else's lives a misery. [**Refers to “kindred” or the vampire name for vampires.] Of course, some wacko only has to come up and start building a religion around it and suddenly you have mass groups of warring vampires with all the normal people stuck in between.”
Pausing, Benolt took a big sip of the mysterious liquid in his mug before continuing. “But the thing about being a vicious, leaching shell of a human being is that vampires, for some strange and ineffable reason, are given 'supernatural' powers. Make no mistake, boy, you are cursed. No more early sunrises for you... unless of course you wish them to be your last... let's see, you've got, mirrors, food and of course vampire hunters to worry about but they will be the least of your worries compared to the big one.” From the look on his face I could tell he felt pained by his next words. “There are many names by which it is called but the one I find most fits the curse is 'Beast'. Yeah, I can see from your expression you know exactly what I'm talking about. That evil feeling that rises up out of you and controls you against your will... nasty stuff... and that, boy, is the reason for Betty here,” he said, tapping the sawn-off gently. “No offence, kid, but when the beast takes a vampire, I put them down. You're lucky I found you because the others wouldn't have given you the chance to wake up.”
I felt some thanks was necessary and started to speak but he cut me off. “Save it kid, just because you survived through sheer luck doesn't mean you aren't still vulnerable to the beast, and if you had killed a human being I would not have thought twice about sending you down.”
Suddenly a thought struck me and I blurted it out before I could stop myself. “How do you know all this?” I asked.
He glanced at me, taken aback by my question. After a moment he answered. “You'll find out soon enough anyway... It was my wife...” His eyes went slightly glazed as he threw his head back in memory. “She was beautiful, and not that fake kind of beautiful you find in all those magazines kids your age are obsessed about. No, she had a will of fire, her personality burned through those around her. She could lead whole legions for miles and still convince them to fight afterwards. She was a fighter, through and through. Unfortunately she was also cursed by the worst luck. She had never moved far through life, her father an uncouth madman and her mother a reclusive hag, obsessed by beauty and despising her daughter even more for her looks. She had left home early in her life and I met her at a public school not long after she had left. I was one year her senior and showed her the ropes, gradually we fell in love, I, attracted by her sharp mind and looks and her by my confidence in the world and determination. We made an unbeatable pair, until bad luck struck her once again. We had just become engaged a few days before when I heard she had been mugged and suffered terrible cuts around her head. She had lost a lot of blood and the hospital staff could do nothing. She had been found by a close friend of mine who I shall not name but who I had had utmost trust in.”
“She had been lying there, unconscious, for some time before the doctors left us to say goodbye. It was then my friend had come over and laid a hand on my shoulder. 'I can fix her,' he said to me. 'But she will be changed.' I looked at him, unbelieving that he could succeed where the doctors had not, but the thin shred of hope he had given me burned brighter than any love I had felt before. 'Please.' I begged. He nodded solemnly and unbuttoned a wrist cuff. He dragged one finger along the inside of his wrist, cutting the skin finely and letting blood seep out onto his pale skin. I watched wordlessly as he brought his wrist up to my beloveds mouth and fed her his blood. She took it gladly, even unconscious I could see her reacting to the blood. Almost instantly she stirred. He quickly hid his wrist, covering it with his wrist cuff again, the blood seemingly stopped as suddenly as it had started. Amazed I looked on, as she woke, against all probability after all doctors had presumed her lost. 'Thank you!' I said to my friend. He just nodded jerkily – as if regretting what he had done already for some unknown reason. It was only after then I learned he was a vampire. She acted strange for days afterwards. Her wounds healed so quickly she was allowed to leave after only a day of observation and we were married soon after. They had called it a miracle at the time.”
“But something had changed. She was still beautiful and smart but something seemed to be bothering her, many times I found her nervously itching her wrist or biting at her nails. Eventually she came to me and said 'I talked to the doctors, they say that there was some other guy who found me and brought me in.' It was the first time she'd talked about the mugging.
'Yes?' I asked.
'Who was he?'
'Just a friend from work,' I lied, I had really met him long before I had even met her.
'Could I meet him? I would really like to thank him.' She asked me.”
“Of course, I could make no reasonable excuse but I was content not to ask him how he had saved her. My biggest fear was that she would bug him about it till he told her, it was just the way her mind worked sometimes. Against my better judgement I took her to meet him properly. I remember his face as he saw her, somewhere a mix between bewilderment and terror and something else... guilt.”
Benolt returned to the present with a jolt, no longer wistful and remorseful. “See, vampires are an abomination – no two ways about it. Vampires natural state of being is against the flow of nature, their every move breaks the natural chain of death and life. I see now that she should have died right then and there on that hospital bed, it was not my place to ask him to interfere – nor was it his place to offer, a decision he regretted instantly. When vampires feed a human their blood it fills them, it gives them a huge high. Suddenly your body is quicker, more agile and your senses sharper. You no longer feel pain from the injuries of daily life and all major wounds heal almost instantly. The only drawback to this miraculous, chivalrous and kind act is that the effected human instantly becomes a slave to the vampire. Your kin call them ghouls, slaves by blood who will do anything for another high. Giving her the blood on her deathbed was simultaneously turning her into a drug addict and a slave for life. Of course as soon as I learned all this I instantly blamed my friend... I didn't want to believe it was my fault, my desperate – selfish need to see her smile one more time that had caused her to become this way.”
“I left shouting at him and dragging her away, like some sort of injured goods. We didn't talk for weeks after but she kept asking to see him, reasoning that he might be able to undo what he had done. I suspected that the only way to undo what he had done would be to kill her, and I was still not prepared to sentence her to death, not after already almost losing her. Eventually I caved and visited him once more. He had changed considerably, gone was his boyish confidence and brash certainty in the world. Instead he seemed to have embarked on a self-imposed penance for him crime, though salvation was far beyond his kind. I didn't want to hear any of his words. I left my wife to talk to him and try to work things out themselves. I still couldn't bare to take any responsibility. As I had feared there was no cure to her torture. The craving was permanent. There was one alternative, however. The only thing that would allow her to escape the slavery was to become one of them,” again he spat the word. “A vampire?! My wife? How could I allow that? But in the end I had no choice. She left me a message saying she would be back and could love me again but she was gone. I knew it was pointless to pursue, they had probably decided to do it somewhere miles away from anywhere. 'The embrace' they called it... almost like a kiss, or hug. How could I be happy with that?”
Benolt sighed emphatically, mug discarded long ago on the dry tabletop, and the only sound the cramped kitchen his steady breathing and the tick of an ancient clock. “She didn't deserve that fate. It would, truly have been better for her to die back then, when she was still pure. Man will do anything to escape death, even sell their own souls and minds simply to stay alive. She had traded her humanity for my mistake. I had cursed her just as the embrace would. As a vampire, her sire*** would hold some amount of control but separated from him she would be her own person again. [***The vampire who performs the Embrace] She must have felt she had no choice. She wasn't ready for what being a vampire would be really like. She was a day-time person, through and through. She could not stand the darkness and felt fearful at night. She never truly thought about the changes in her body and detested how it effected her but these were minor problems compared to the beast. That barbaric madness, coiled around her heart in some horrific ritual, always influencing her. She swore to me she could control it but she would not feed. I told her she must feed, for it was the price to continue living but she could not. Her instinct was not one of war, she could not for fear of killing. Eventually it overtook her, she grew frail within days and struck out madly for no apparent reason. It was an odd sort of madness, caused by her body simply living out it's meagre supply of life force.”
“Eventually she lost all control. She took off one night, rampaging through the streets. Her fasting had left her so thirsty that there was no certainty that one human life would sate her. I had warned my friend that she had not been feeding and he had been ready for just such an occasion. We drove around in a large truck for only a few minutes before we found her, stalking a lone human – some drunkard from the local pub. My friend motioned me to follow and handed me this shotgun” He motioned the sawn-off. “I remember he told me 'aim for the eyes, don't hesitate.' Nothing could have prepared me for the sight I saw though. She was not even recognisable, just a monster. She hissed at us, huge white fangs like daggers from her mouth. She moved insanely quick, in seconds she had charged us and brought my friend to his knees, despite the fact he was an older, stronger vampire. I focused the sights of the shotgun on her, unable to pull the trigger. She was completely overtaken and all thoughts of outside threats lost, she pulled my friend up by his collar and made to bite him. This I couldn't allow. I knew that once she had started she would not stop till he was dead. I cursed myself for accepting his offer so long before, that now I would have to save his life from our joint mistake – no longer could I blame him. I shot her, point blank. She never stood a chance.”
After a few moments to let this sink in and Benolt to calm himself, I said “But I thought vampires were immortal?”
“Immortal yes, invincible no. Anatomically vampires are no different to humans, apart from the inability to digest anything but blood. The only notable difference is the healing power of their cursed blood and inhuman strength. The critical spots are still there though, you get shot, stabbed or otherwise mutilated in the heart, neck or head there's a good chance you will die, in fact – if your neck had been broken and not healed properly you wouldn't be talking to me right now.”
“Death for vampires is much different to death for humans though, Vampires suffer a unique problem to their condition. A vampire can, technically, survive even a blow to the heart – even from the infamous wooden stake, but without the heart a vampire cannot live. Instead, if a vampire is struck through the heart they enter a sort of coma. This means, if the heart is allowed to beat again and the vampire doesn't lose all their blood they can still live. Unfortunately for the kindred, being hit in the brain or having the spinal cord broken almost always results in final death. Final death is the vampire equivalent to death – the thin strands of power holding vampires together disperse and the body is left an empty shell, or, more often – a pile of dust. A vampires immortality comes simply from the power of fresh blood holding old bones and organs together. Without their power, most old vampires simply turn to dust then and there. Younger vampires leave more substantial corpses, but still corrode quickly. The corruption effects ever part of a kine's body.”
“Then what do I do now?” I asked. “You said there were others, like you. Will they be hunting me?”
“Nah, don't worry. I sent the word out long ago that I'd found you,” Benolt answered. “Your sire is probably in more trouble than you, speaking of which – do you know who your sire was?”
“The person who cursed me? I don't know his full name, and it's probably not his true name but he was known as 'Hail'”
“Hmmm... interesting.” Said Benolt, and paused a moment before continuing. “Well, it looks like he didn't do a very good job of introducing you to this world, letting you almost get killed on your first few days? If you want my advice you should probably avoid his lot. What I don't get is what he saw in you. There's very few things that attract a family of that status... regardless, if you wish it I can offer you temporary accommodation here, just till this settles down and you learn about your new life.”
“What about my parents?” I blurted out, the first time I'd even thought of them since leaving. I guess I had been putting off the idea of leaving home, and had somehow assumed I'd find a way to end up back there.
“Listen kid,” Benolt said, his tone suddenly consoling and even. “Your past life is behind you now. I've seen devout Christians and important business-men turned and watched them abandon everything. Fact is – your parents are unlikely to accept what you are now, and even if they were – even us non-vampires are bound by the masquerade. I'm only still alive because I helped protect it in killing my wife. There are few who know as much about vampirism than me - even in the vampire communities – but there are no other humans who's experience of vampires passes the receiving end. Vampires treasure their secrets and guard them against all. Vampires who break the masquerade and openly attack humans and show their unnatural abilities to mortals are dealt with harshly. Vampires are predatory in nature, and it does not bode well to upset the sheep – after all, the kindred are only all-powerful during the night.”
“The fact is, every new vampire has to leave their past lives behind by necessity. Few people can accept what a vampire is and what they stand for, and even fewer can keep a secret. Many, if they knew, would engineer an army, and with the weapons available to the modern world most vampires wouldn't stand a chance. Mass extermination is something your kin would like to avoid.”
I nodded dumbly. All of this was quite overwhelming. I glanced at the clock and realise we had been talking for half the night already. Benolt noticed this and said “Best thing for you to do now is take some of this.” He withdrew a vial of crimson blood from one of his pockets. “Try to relax today. You went through a lot yesterday and this must all be coming as quite a shock. Tomorrow I'll show you a few things first hand, then we'll see about getting you a meeting with the Prince.”

So now I rest. My past life slipping away, and in it's place an unfamiliar house and the promise of a whole new world, in which I have undoubtedly broken many major laws in already. I wonder if my parents are missing me, whether they're worried. I wonder if I should visit them sometime, just to let them know I'm ok, but no – if I am to survive here it is best I learn these rules and follow them, at least for the time being. I believe I can trust Benolt to have my best interests at heart, despite his stance towards vampires. I get the feeling there is something he's not telling me though. Regardless, he's my best link to this new world and, short of visiting Hail, the only person I can ask for advice.

November 11th 2007, 22:07:26
Reminded me a lot of my experiances in the VTM pc-game. Extraordinarily well written, I wasn't sure if I was really going to read through this big text, but it bind me after the first few lines. I really should check #1-6, wasn´t aware of them, yet.
Anyhow, good work - keep it coming, fellow kindred.

November 15th 2007, 13:00:26
Well done. (:

December 19th 2007, 06:32:41
Reminds me greatly of Dream Theater's The Ministry Of Lost Souls, perhaps because I listened to it while reading ^^ , but still, right now I think the connection uncanny.

Anyway, great series. I certainly hope you continue it in the future. You surely have succeeded in making me feel one with the darkness again at the very least.

January 31st 2014, 15:49:55
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On Twitter (two <b>million</b> <b>followers,</b> 71 tweets), Carell scrupulously sticks to the middle with the road; today, too, he's allergic to controversy. The second is: how will we behave in groups if <b>the</b> distraction of the internet is only<br><img src=""><br> an eye fixed movement away. Security sources in the republic suspected McGeever has been freed by the gang, after members possibly panicked over the murder of police Adrian Donohoe near <b>the</b> Northern Irish <b>boundary.</b> "Many people with social phobias, Hoque says, want "the possibility of having <b>some</b> kind of automated system to enable <b>them</b> to practice social interactions in their own surroundings.<br> <b>Tom</b> Stoppard<br><img src=""><br> riffed on Hamlet to compose his acclaimed play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are usually Dead, Terry <b>Pratchett</b> played with A Midsummer Nights<br><img src=""><br> Dream for his Discworld novel Lords and also Ladies, and Jane Smiley brought King <b>Lear</b> to the modern day in her Pulitzer-winning <b>novel</b> A lot of Acres. "Online learning and how we use it's the potential to move us there.<br> But as team co-captain Nicky Soane stated,<br><img src=""><br> the win was never a sure wager. "People here really care about doing something for your world's poor, " <b>says</b> Bish Sanyal, the Ford International Professor of Urban Advancement and Planning in MIT's <b>;Department</b> of City Studies and Planning (DUSP), who is one of the leaders from the Institute's participation in the project.<br> Such a caesium fountain clock will keep <b>time</b> for you to within one second over 100 million decades. The films, he says, introduced him to the potent idea with the loser in a country supposedly all concerning success, and the wit of Jewish émigré tradition. It could <b>be</b> used to remove impurities from water, which could make shale-oil extraction much a lot more practical, since one of that process's major drawbacks may be <b>the risks it poses to local water materials.<br> Research <b>conducted</b> by<br><img src=""><br> One Earth and the particular Harvard School <b>of</b> Public Health, <b>Frank</b> says, suggests that each cooker — which will be lightweight and portable — abates four a great deal of black carbon per year, and can save SolSource owners who are connected to the power <b>grid</b> typically $30 per <b>month</b> in electricity costs. Readers who had been busy in another room <b>in</b> the past 50 years learned from his earnest hero the</b> population is exploding, pollution is poisoning <b>rive</b> "Politics … it's finished.<br> "The theory of what wavelengths of phonons, and at what temperatures, contribute to how much heat transport can be a complex problem even in simpler materials, let alone nanostructured materials, and these will have to be considered — <b>so</b> this paper will trigger more interest and study because direction. The latest attempt to roll back <b>the</b> rates failed to <b>get</b> free from the Senate earlier this week, when sponsoring Democrats failed to break a Republican filibuster from the bill. 1 by the Pew Internet Project.<br> But just take it from me, the Earth wasn't created in six times. Plants <b>have</b> just stopped. <b>His</b> answers were so interesting that I here include them completely, unedited. Louis, says, "I find it fascinating that <b>a</b> easy model may account for the behavior of platelets and von Willebrand element in <b>flowing</b> blood. I was <b>expecting</b> the child to obtain the same height as its parent, but that is not what happens. Nature reckons it's "wise to accept these kinds of gifts with <b>gratitude</b> and grace".<br> "Because the Oscars never go to <b>comedies.<br></b> Morgan Chase disappointed investors. On July 10, 2010, the European Space Agency's Rosetta probe flew from the asteroid 21 <b>Lutetia,</b> which at the time was the largest asteroid ever <b>to own been visited by a spacecraft. "Many AeroAstro students also have the chance to</b> work on projects with commercial and army applications.<br> "But Turnbull told media that Quigley's retirement was "a case from the company being utterly leaderless". Will Disconnect finally reflect the pure undiluted malice of today's technology.<br> PHILADELPHIA -- Elton Brand played a big<br><img src=""><br> part <b>inside the 76ers win over the best team within the East. The resulting <b>depressions</b> characterise what is called a karst landscape, in which hundreds or even thousands of relatively small sinkholes form across a place that, <a href = "">fghtes56 </a> the air, can appear almost pock-marked.<br> If you said Hillary Rodham Clinton<br><img src=""><br> owes the beginning of her independent political career to Rick Lazio, even<br><img src=""><br> Lazio might agree.<br> "Pardew is eager to cling to the mantra that the win at Loftus Road might yet give you the release of pressure <b>his</b> team have been edging towards these last couple weeks: a collection of undisputed talents that just has run out of fuel in the previous month, approaching the <b>end</b> of the season just like a yacht creeping into port <b>with</b> its engines dead and the last breath of tidal momentum to <b>help</b> keep it going.<br> Unsurprisingly the cast take the responsibilities of these roles very seriously, with particular plaudits going to younger stars (notably Tom Holland) with whom Bayona yet again demonstrates <b>an</b> insightful affinity.<br> "MIT is the best at bringing demanding academic skills to bear on policy-related inquiries. It's also an area where patents and also grants have limited effectiveness. Why should the role of the HSE in protecting teachers' health at the job be less important than that of Ofsted's in making certain reams of unnecessary paperwork are <b>completed</b> promptly.<br> The multitalented director Aaron <b>Posner</b> conjures along with exceptional intelligence and sensitivity the religious as well as generational tempests of " The Chosen, "<br><img src=""><br> Chaim Potok's 1967 coming-of-age novel recounting the actual unlikely friendship of young <b>Jewish</b> men from conflicting wings from the faith. This dialogue will prove valuable in leaving America's energy economy more dynamic in the actual years ahead. You want to recognize it as a challenge and move on it.<br> "A library to <b>listen</b> to should end<br><img src=""><br> up being fun. A new study foresees declining demand regarding oil both through thriftier use and brand new fuel options.<br> One involves the constraints of physical space in cities: Zaragoza grew <b>rapidly,</b> in <b>part,</b> because Barcelona, bordering water, could not expand as a transportation <b>hub</b> just as.<br> Video of Edward J. • De Rosario scores<br><img src=""><br> another winner because DC United advance• Chicago Fire await after big make an impression on Orlando City• Real Salt Lake to sponsor Portland Timbers <b>in</b> all-MLS <b>semisDC</b> United required another step toward <b>salvaging</b> a dreadful begin to the 2013 season as they beat New England 3-1 to advance towards the semi-finals of the US Open Cup, where <b>they</b> will <b>meet</b> Chicago Fire.<br> Several staked out a local airport as well as hung<br><img src=""><br> around campus hoping to snag an interview using the</b> new man, Fran McCaffery.<br> Boarding an<br><img src=""><br> aircraft can be a annoying experience, with passengers often <b>wondering</b> if they will<br><img src=""><br> ever ensure it is to their seats.<br> In the last 10 years, it's become <b>far</b> more <b>common</b> for physicians to help keep records electronically.<br> Instead, after six days of negotiation in Colombo along with senior church officials, he signed a "statement of reconciliation" by which he merely <b>regretted</b> <b>that</b> other people acquired perceived doctrinal errors in his writings as well as thereby taken offence. What he saw was <b>Froome</b> leaving a gap within the line as he  and the other <b>members</b> of Contador's staff raised the pace; after a <b>few</b> seconds, the yellow jersey swung out to the left inside the hope that someone else would take the chase. Changes stem from a desire at the very best levels of the Obama <b>administration</b> to triage the war and concentrate on the overriding goal of ending the discord, a senior U. Want to enjoy this classic <b>combination</b> any day from the week. <b>Synaptotagmin</b> is a protein localized to the actual neuronal vesicles, with two calcium-binding domains, C2A and C2B.  <b>Lermusiaux's</b> group is <b>also</b> working about<br><img src=""><br> schemes that guide such sensing robots toward locations offering the most useful undersea data. "One group of students, <b>for</b> instance, is helping <b>repair</b> a deep-rooted problem with all the popular web-development framework Ruby on Rails. From <b>the</b> absence of any signal in today's <b>LHC</b> data one can deduce lower limits about the masses of the strongly interacting superparticles greater than one tera electron volt (short "TeV", about 1000 times the proton<br><img src=""><br> mass).<br> I'm always positive going into a fresh campaign. The Israeli club's sports director Jordi Cruyff stated: "We fully understand their desire to keep on their partnership with Oscar García. Then, later on,<br><img src=""><br> we got more <b>well-known</b> ones like Pleasure, which you might say echoed the considering, well, any generation you care to name, including the present one. "There's a desperate search for <b>biomarkers,</b> for early detection or disease prognosis, or looking at how the body does respond <b>to</b> therapy, " says Bhatia, who is also a member of MIT's Jesse H. However doing anything less means we will all still work harder and smarter for a smaller and smaller share from the wealth we create. "His goalkeeper Volkan Demirel was more effective. In the letter Starbucks said it will be willing for forego some tax breaks so long as those new revenues could be used to reduce the US corporate tax rate, currently 35%. "About three-quarters of global food crops count on bees and other insects to fertilise their particular flowers, so the<br><img src=""><br> decline of honeybee colonies because of disease, habitat loss and pesticide harm has caused serious concern.<br> Anyway, <b>the</b> <b>cinema</b> got destroyed by V2s. We did it, all of us, and at that moment we were flying high above the most wonderful things humans have <b>ever</b> built. It is a problem Pulis has never had the opportunity to resolve in the <b>Premier</b> League, where Stoke's record of 181 goals in 182 games tells its story. Secretary of State Hillary <b>Rodham</b> Clinton known as Tuesday for "a serious conversation" about rules to<br><img src=""><br> make certain an open Internet, noting it <b>had</b> helped power the pro-democracy uprising in Egypt but in addition served as a tool for terrorists as well as repressive governments. And at<br><img src=""><br> evening events in the <b>trend</b> industry, the meaning of the hand over the wineglass moved from "I'm pregnant" (2005) to "I've got work interview/meeting with the boss tomorrow" (2010) to <b>"Can't</b> afford to appear unprofessional in this economic climate" (2013). "Cable challenges one of the chancellor's main arguments - <b>that</b> increased <b>borrowing</b> would enhance the fiscal deficit.<br> They all have a different understanding or even interpretation of what sexual relations are. They will be  faced with a choice: to ignore the politics and simply wallow amongst the musical excess, or to confront the politics, preparing themselves to be disturbed.<br> "Music has lost its value, " he said. Moreover, since the weird, counterintuitive effects of quantum physics are better to see in individual particles than in groups of particles, the ability to use a single <b>photon</b> to flip the switch will make it useful for<br><img src=""><br> quantum computing.<br> "Engineering students may come to MIT along <b>with different skills <b>than,</b> say, our MBA students — who are previously looking to do business courses and don't have to be inspired into entrepreneurship — but they've got great ideas, " Zolot says. An excellent <b>debut</b> novel by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald that teaches us how, even with a disease that takes the memory away, there is no such thing as failing to <b>remember</b><br><img src=""><br> - read it.<br> "Except if it's broken, nothing is nice and steady; it would probably be tumbling and revolving.<br> Similarly, the MIT researchers' new algorithm assigns different weights for the different possible meanings of ambiguous words.<br> <b>"Had</b> it not been for that "Until next,<br><img src=""><br> United had been the better side. Watkins advised students to ask a lot of questions if they don't understand what a colleague is working about.<br> Our panelJill <b>Berry,</b> former headteacher and education consultant: @jillberry102Jill is the former headteacher of Dame Alice Harpur School in Bedford now splits her time working for<br><img src=""><br> the Nationwide College for Teaching and Leadership, doing educational consultancy work and a part-time doctorate inside education.<br> The 76ers were one game away from your Eastern Conference Finals last year, so they could be forgiven for<br><img src=""><br> <b>thinking</b> these were one piece away from being serious contenders. In this lesson, we'll help students investigate the science <b>as</b> well as myths about added sugars. But the current government is responsible for determing the best moment to sell.<br> In 2010, the lost-and-found biopic <b>The</b> Life and Instances of David Lloyd George made the <b>reduce,</b> as well as the Scottish documentary Street Kilda, Britain's Loneliest Isle. <b>To</b> get more articles<br><img src=""><br> like this direct in your inbox, sign up free to become a person in the Global Development Professionals NetworkFarming and foods securityFarmingSchool mealsguardian. Trying to follow all that action on those media devices is difficult. Tumor cells circulating in a patient's bloodstream can yield significant amounts of information on how a tumor is answering treatment and what drugs might be far better against it.<br> Rating: 3/5ComedySteve CarellJim CarreyPeter Bradshawguardian. "So Labour <b>MP</b> Frank Field describes <b>certainly</b> one of his regular tete-a-tete's with Margaret Thatcher in <b>the apogee of<br><img src=""><br> her pomp and prime.<br> Early work was funded by an ignition grant in the MIT Energy Initiative. "That further research will <b>be</b> aided by way of a new technique Varanasi has developed in effort with researchers including Konrad Rykaczewski, an MIT research scientist currently based in the <b>National</b> Institute of <b>Standards</b> and Technology (NIST) within Gaithersberg, Md. "In other words, switching to WebKit will enable Opera to pay attention <b>to making <b>more</b> innovative features to follow the speed dials and data compression technology, among others. MEXICO CITY - A survivor of the massacre in northern Mexico told investigators how the 72 people found dead at a ranch were undocumented migrants who have <b>been</b> kidnapped by a drug gang on <b>their</b> method to</b> the <b>U.<br></b> Yet here we are in <b>2013,</b> and games developer King <b>has</b> just introduced its first licensing deal: Candy Crush Saga socks. "I had to stand outside trying to obtain people to come in, like some guy outside a strip-joint. Although the rapper's debut album has yet to area, the 22-year-old appears to be spending less amount of time in the studio than feuding on Twitter along with everyone from Angel Haze to Glaad.<br> It was a symbolic victory for Karzai, who has long complained that US specific operations forces and their Afghan partners are usually outside his control.

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