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The Rebellion of the Victims
The Rebellion of the Victims

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May 01st 1984

Quick Movie Reviews XI

Added:February 05th 2008, 22:48:09
Series:[ Quick Movie Reviews ]
Rating:3.5/5 (Votes: 2)

I ditched the previous rating system in favor of a new one. It's not a number between 1 and 5 anymore, instead it's either recommended ( ), recommended with reservations ( |: ), or not recommended at all ( :( ).

Nodame Cantabile [ 2007 ]
Shinichi Chiaki's dream of becoming a highly successful conductor is spoiled by his fear of flying, thus ruining every chance of studying abroad. Meeting Noda Megumi, who plays piano mainly through excessive use of emotions - contradicting with what Chiaki's been taught - and lots of other individuals, he soon sees that there's more to music than he thought.
How do you play an instrument? What is real music? Is technique relevant when emotion is obviously overwhelming? These are only some of the questions that are raised by this anime - for me at least - and if you're a musician or interested in making music, it would be a very good idea to watch this anime. It's not so much about the animation, rather about the characters and - obviously - about the music. Plus, it's a lot of fun.
[ ]

Heroes Volume 2 [ 2007 ]
I will not provide a summary for the story of the second season, just so this remains spoiler free for those who haven't watched the first season.
I was sceptical with Heroes at first because it sounded too much like X-Men, however it turned out to be a little bit different, more character driven, and in the end I was convinced that this series belonged to my list of favourites. However, be it either because of high expectations or the necessity of cutting season two because of the writer's strike - Volume 2 just couldn't deliver. Basically everything had been reset to zero and the whole story began again, with another threat seeking to destroy the world, and with new characters, new powers, but still the same story. Some moments turned out to be extra cheesy. One can only hope that the third season will deliver again.
[ |: ]

Blade Runner (Final Cut) [ 1982 ]
A blade runner's job is to eliminate replicants (cyborgs) that "aren't supposed to be alive" any longer. Blade runner Deckard (Harrison Ford) is sent to kill four replicants that seek their creator to be given a life extension.
I haven't seen the original versions, but from what I heard the final cut is the most definitive one. The movie appeared on my list because I heard that it is one of the most influential films ever made, and it has been an inspiration to a lot of pictures that were produced afterwards. Now I can say with conviction that it's a must-see. Be sure to get the final cut, which has just been released recently.
[ ]

Citizen Kane [ 1941 ]
Rosebud. As Charles Foster Kane forms the last word shortly before his death, a reporter senses a story in that very word, and in various flashbacks the audience slowly discovers pieces of Kane's life, constantly looking out for the meaning.
Wherever you look, Citizen Kane is regarded as a masterpiece, and held as one of the best movies ever made. I say that I'm very impressed. It's clear that the film was way ahead of its time, and some of the camera angles are still better than in most movies made today. It may get some time getting used to old movies, but once you do, certain scenes of Citizen Kane will stay in your head for a very long time.
[ ]

Cars [ 2006 ]
Talking cars.
Excuse me. Lightning McQueen is a highly professional racing car, a talking car at that, and seeks to win another race. While on the way there he gets held back by a little town called Radiator Springs, also filled with talking cars. Lightning slowly discovers that there's more to life (of a talking car) than simply winning race after race.
I'll say it again: Talking cars.
Okay. I knew there was maybe a reason to avoid this movie. After Finding Nemo I knew Pixar was going downhill. I thought they were just looking in the wrong corner for their new ideas. I mean, talking cars. But. After watching Ratatouille, I thought I'd go back and give Cars, or rather Pixar, another chance.
It's very difficult to rate this movie. I can say I actually enjoyed it - after taking a break after the first ten minutes. My brain was forced to apply emotions on cars. I had no problem with emotions in Toy Story, or Bug's Life. Most of the talking things had eyes and an obvious mouth. But cars. Yes, ask any car designer and he/she will tell you that "the face of a car sells it". Sure, a car has a face. But... A talking car? Okay. So, after a while my brain got used to suddenly see real faces on the metal cans, and what can I say. Credit goes to Owen Wilson for doing the voice of Lightning McQueen, he really saved the movie for me. And of course, the animation. Sometimes, when there's no (s)car face on the screen, the movie is simply beautiful. Especially the cars, when not shown from the front. They look so realistic, that you'd wish Pixar made a racing game out of it. But as it is, it has talking cars and I promise you it will make your head feel fuzzy. Also, the story is sometimes located a bit on the cheesy side of the town (called the Gouda District), but entertaining nonetheless.
[ |: ]

M [ 1931 ]
A child murderer terrorizes a town, so hard in fact that paranoia increases madly and the police is forced to questionable tactics to find the killer. With the police having a strong arm like never before on the streets, criminals are forced to look for the killer as well, to finally get rid of the police.
Personally, the idea of the story interested me, so I had to see it. I've already gotten used to seeing old movies, so I could enjoy this german production without any troubles. It has very interesting moments, some that surely will come up in my head from time to time. The acting is great, especially the killer himself, played by Peter Lorre. Despite the movie being thrilling enough, I couldn't stop thinking about the weird fact that most actors of the film, even the children, are probably already dead today. That counts for a lot of other movies as well, but somehow this movie made that more obvious to me. I can recommend this movie only if you have the patience and nerve to see a movie of a long gone past. But if you do, you won't regret it.
[ |: ]

Ratatouille [ 2007 ]
The young rat Remy finds his interest in cooking and, after a little accident, surfaces in Paris - the city in which his cooking idol resides. Or has resided. Remy finds out his idol is dead. In the idol's restaurant Remy agrees on a pact with a garbage boy to try and cook just like the master did.
I was seriously surprised. After Cars and Finding Nemo I resigningly removed Pixar off my list and thought they were done. But then they come up with this delicious piece of film. I can't stress enough how much I love this movie. Pixar, I'm sorry I doubted you. Looking forward to Wall-E.
[ ]

Next [ 2007 ]
Las Vegas. The magician Cris (Nicolas Cage) earns his money by playing cheap tricks on a small stage. He says that if every trick worked, then he would be done for. He has to live on a low profile to stay afloat. Cris' secret is his ability to look two minutes into the future. The FBI however finds out about his real magic and seeks his help on preventing a nuclear terrorist attack.
Entertaining. Until the very end, which is rather amusing, considering it has a significant resemblance to Halfquake, where everything in the end seems to be meaningless and pisses off a lot of people. The movie has a lot of really nice action scenes, and I just liked the overall idea and wanted to see how it's played out. Not the best movie you'll ever see, but nevertheless entertaining enough.
[ |: ]

The Brave One [ 2007 ]
Erica and David make the perfect and happy couple. It lies in the world's ironic way that it just had to happen: Both are beaten up by a group of people, David doesn't make it, Erica just barely. After recovering, the world doesn't seem as inviting as it usually was, and trust is not given away to just anyone any longer.
I haven't seen Jodie Foster in a good movie in a long time. The Brave One starts out normal, if not too normal, but then adds an interesting layer of violence, and the question of what you would do in situations she encounters. I enjoyed it.
[ ]

Right at Your Door [ 2006 ]
A normal day. And as it is with normal days, they tend to turn out not being so normal at all. A couple wakes up in the morning. She goes to work, he stays at home, waiting for another rehearsal of his band later that day. When suddenly the radio reports of a detonated bomb not far away in the city. As the man drives around, trying to get to his girlfriend, the radio tells him about the toxic cloud rising out of the detonated bombs. He drives home and waits for his partner to arrive, hoping that it won't be too late.
What really amazes me is that because of the low budget nature of the film, everything is seen just like every average citizen would experience such an event. And yet another movie which forces you to question your own actions, if such events should ever occur to you. Fully recommended.
[ ]

Sunshine [ 2007 ]
After the first mission failed and the crew went missing, another crew is sent to the dying sun to reignite it and provide further source of life for our planet earth. Will they make it? And what happened to the first crew?
Being in dire need of more (good) science fiction, I really enjoyed being in space again with such well sophisticated characters and a more or less believable environment. I also very much welcomed the slight experimental nature of the film, especially the second half. If you're thirsting for science fiction like me, this is a refreshing oasis you shouldn't miss.
[ ]

February 23rd 2008, 04:08:00
Woops, sorry for the 2, ms! I don't think your review is bad. As I read it I tried to go down with my mouse wheel and then it selected 2, there was nothing I could do about it! A 4 would be more fitting. ^^

I'm afraid that for once I haven't watched any of these films. Perhaps I'd start with Citizen Kane, as it's one I've been longing to watch.

Keep these up!


February 24th 2008, 18:27:02
Hmm...I felt that the second half of Sunshine was less original. It seemed to degenerate into a typical slasher flick...IN SPAAAAAAAACE! But overall it was decent.

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