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Waking up.

Added:March 11th 2008, 23:34:26
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 2)

Waking up. Such a simple process. A solitary one for many. A striving towards conciousness which diverts all will towards the act of bringing oneself back from the abyss.

Every night humans surrender themselves to the blackness, accept the world has become too much and leave it for a time, hoping that maybe this temporary respite will somehow make the acts of the previous day worthwhile. Darkness. Darkness we seek when we want to escape from the light, and the darkness we lose as the first lazy summer rays pass through our cocoons and wake our slumbering spirit.

For some there is struggle in waking, holding on to a lost dream which seems so vital to our survival, some secret hidden deep within ourselves that even we shall never be allowed to know, until there is nothing more to know but that last certainty. Indeed it is darkness. Darkness from which we are born, kicking and screaming, bewildered and new to this alien world full of goggled eyes and concerned faces. Are we concious then? Are we aware that already people are making judgements of us and perhaps already know where we will be in years to come? What do they want? Kicking and screaming, desperate to fight those around them. Are they fighting the darkness or simply resisting the light world of strange and new creatures?

Then the other darkness. From where we came to where we return. The significance of one's life seems mute in death. We seek the abyss every day, counting off those insignificant moments between the days. Can there be any significance in our light-time moments if all that will ever exist is darkness? Regardless, each offers their own review of life. “He was a good man,” “she did well for herself,” “I hope he rots,” “If they hadn't done it I would have.” Perhaps there is some judgement, some great exam where your life achievements are tallied. Bonus points for marriage? Truly if virtues are important then why is it ambition which is cherished?

And so we wake up, most of us, to find some sort of meaning in life and perhaps prove to ourselves we are worthy on the day of judgement. Others dream on, and perhaps in doing so find themselves deemed worthy, for after all they have left this world of darkness, and transcended towards the light. Perhaps they have found that final answer, and now they understand they wish to return to tell everyone why, but find the dream now impossible to leave, because it has become more real than this world could ever be - and there is never need to sleep.

March 15th 2008, 21:18:43
Man, you are the real writer! You have to be famous!!

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