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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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At The Heart Of It All


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August 29th 1988


Added:August 12th 2008, 19:58:45
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I play D&D, and as we start a new, our DM (the guy with the books and who runs the game session) allowed to us to create our characers on our own (previously we dice rolled them and choosed class upon stats). But the DM also wanted that we write and create anything else for the character: Biography, reason for alignment choice, reason for the class choice and so forth. To add some more work for creating a character that we want.

So I decided the gender, race and alignment (female, drow, neutral evil), was assigned a name (that one is always random - since it is VERY VERY hard to find one that suits everyone): Kim (as in Kim Jong-il) and started to write a story for her.

Thanks to Ned for the first proof reading.
Thanks to Steffi for the second proof reading.
Feedback very welcome.

never have you thanked me for all that I have done
no dirty work have I ever shun
work that brought pain, I still endure
creating everlasting wounds with no cure
yet I will not believe after all these years
that you have never seen my tears
these thoughts now hunt my mind
telling me that I have been blind
that you have never loved me as I desire
but it's hard to believe you are such a liar
lying to your own kin at such a scale
it is too atrocious to be my tale

now here I return from my latest deed
finding myself kneeling before your feet
I do not ask for much in return
but it seems my wishes are not of your concern
with harsh words you interrupt my report
for another deed, someone needs escort
with bitter pain I repel my unspoken word
so that they will never be heard
with grief I listen to the words you say
it seems a trader is on his way

"very important is his freight
which also makes him perfect bait
meet him in four days, and don't be late
unharmed he must reach our gate
we do not have any men at arms to spare
so move silently always being aware
that he must not fall in our enemies hand
so I tell you this, in case you do not understand
come back with him or only with what he holds
and your reward shall be tenfold
in the value we buy his freight
there is only one thing you should take fright
in case of failure, there is also a reward
long and cruel death by my own sword."

once more I find myself in the cold vault
always on guard for a possible assault
he is late, and has not yet appeared
for the worst of him I have feared
wandering patrols he might have met
oh, what a relief, this must be his silhouette

"Are you the trader my house seeks to see?
if so, speak quick, I think we have to flee.
The darkness of this place fills with noises
and I do not wish to find out if they are voices."
"Yes, yes, I am the one you seek, so please let's hurry.
Lead the way to your enclave, and do not worry,
I have with me, what your house awaits."
"Yet there are no kegs or crates!
You could be a liar, so how can I be sure?"
"Can't we discuss that somewhere more secure?
Hidden from all who haunt us through this endless night?"
I sighed aloud and said "Alright."

I brought him home through our gates
where the mistress already waits
"I did as you asked, so please release me for today
I need some sleep, for my strength already fades away."
"Not yet, there is one more thing for you to do,
aid him, for business has he to pursue."
"What do you ask of me? Appoint a slave in my stead!"
"Do as you are told, or lose your head!"
the mistress turned around and walked away
and I tried hard to keep my hate at bay.
I hate myself for being such a fool!
"This way to treat one's kind, way to cruel.
You saved my life, and it won't be ignored.
Head home for rest, this is my reward.
But before you depart from this unfair game,
may I know my savior's name?"
Stunned by those gentle words I looked at him,
silently stuttering "My name is Kim."

she is exactly what I seek,
full of hate, and very weak
poisoned words will twist her as I please
so valuable is her expertise
defenses and the place are her domain,
insight that will be the Mistress' bane
betrayal and revenge will guide her way
the city shall be easy prey
but before this all can begin,
some lies I have to spin
but her trust I need,
otherwise I won't succeed

"What is this business you have with us?"
"This one is tricky and will cause a lot of fuss.
You remember the white dragon being slain?"
"Sure, brought my sister the title Dragon-Bane."
He stood up and walked around
making an angry and hateful sound.
"My sister was she, beautiful in her life.
She also was my best friends wife,
had lain eggs to fulfill their dreams.
It should not have come true so it seems.
So yes I am here to avenge her death
and shall it be till my last breath..."
"Wait, wait... but why this disguise?"
"Charging a city alone is not wise.
So here I am trading back what is mine
bringing it to safety, till it's time.
After the littles ones are safe at home,
I will throw your mistress from her throne."

"This is blasphemy I should turn you in!"
Yet he only spared one bright grin.
"Do you think she will believe?
Are you really so naive?"
"How are you to speak in such a tone?"
"She does not value you, this is not unknown.
Even the lowest male will agree...
"Stop it! Anything but a traitor will I be!"

"Dear Mistress, excuse me, but I have a request:
The egg might be destroyed, as you raided the nest.
So I ask for more as we agreed before:
I want the woman you so actively ignore!
Yes, I speak of Kim, to be my slave
for her beauty is what I crave."
"So shall it be,
she really has no value to me.
I have no need for weak crawling at my feet.
So is our trade sealed and complete?"
"Yes it is, thank you for your kindness."
"Just do not disappoint the Mistress."

"Kim, go and summon our guest!
The trade will be settled with a fest.
For it will mark the beginning of the end
of our countless enemies we defend."

"So here we are to complete the trade,
which will be to our aid.
a scroll of pure evil,
with the knowledge to summon with it a devil,
with such a power and greed
that only with a dragon egg we can plead.
Plead for his aid in battle against whatever foe,
to bring them hatred, death and woe!"
"In return I ask for the other egg from said raid..."
"And one of our kind as your slave and maid."
"Shall I bring the slaves forth for inspection?"
"No need for that, I will choose the weakest in my collection."
"I am sorry I do not understand..."
"Of course you don't, because it's you I demand."
"What? That's outrageous! Selling your own child!"
but she just smiled

I walked up and down, still unable to see,
what by all layers of hell happened to me!
I swore and cursed and released my hate!
Never thinking of accepting my fate!
"Do not despair, nor shall you fret.
My side of the deal she will never get.
In fact I never planed to uphold my word.
Getting both eggs have I ever preferred."
"But how? Tell me, and I shall aid!"
"Yes! We will still arrange the trade...
But here the mind flayers will come in play
Let's hurry, for the exchange is set for today!"
"The flayers! Are you insane?!"
"No, we have a deal for our gain!"
"... what do they get for their assault?"
"The drow's side of this vault."
"What? This would be the end of this enclave..."
"And they would all be slaves."
"I should turn you in!"
"Wait, wait, we would both win!"
"How, shall I win from the death of those I love?"
"You could start a new life under the sun above!
Free of hate, lies and mistreat!
Forever escaping their deceit!
They treated you way below,
You deserve better I am sure you know!"

"At this cold place we shall meet?
"Yes and it will be your defeat!"
"Is this treason you bring to our trade?
Guard! Kill them, I will not be betrayed!"
"To late it is Mistress, your guard is dead,
the same fate you should dread!"
"Kim, are you part of this? Help me or fear..."
"Too late, no longer will I adhere,
to the naive dreams of my past!
it is you who will not last!"

I stood and watched as she died,
not a single tear for her have I cried
secretly inside I enjoyed her end,
yet to late for me to comprehend
that I have fallen, but now for good,
something I swore I never would

I stood still as the assault drove on,
the last resistance would soon be gone
chaos breed as no one were there to command,
looked like it worked as he planned
I stood still as they were slain or enslaved
no one was kept alive, no one was saved
I stood still there as they marched through the field,
unknown what future slavery will yield
and as they walked toward the caves other end,
I realized that it was too late to amend
my actions destroyed everything there was,
and the lust for revenge was the cause

August 21st 2008, 16:45:26
Captivating. The rhymes are very well crafted. Congratulations! ^^

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