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Syndel's Spire
Syndel's Spire

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To the Parent

Added:February 03rd 2009, 01:20:16
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I'm probably not right. I'm only 18.

To the Parent:

Please don't deprive them.

Life is beautiful. There is so much meaning on those three words I find it impossible to express effectively the extent to which they are true. Life is full of variety and experience, far more than I could ever explain. Please, don't stop your child from seeing this, touching this, feeling this.

Yes, I admit, you do look busy. You're not always at your best. Sometimes it's hard just to get up in the mornings, and torture to be forced up at night. Children are beautiful, unspoilt and pure. Even if the devil would mark one they would lose no potential whatsoever.

Judge a persons life not by their achievements but by their experiences, and if they can do what they love to do then it will be clear – you must find something you love to do. Try everything. Make your children try everything. Throw the world at them and watch how they react. The human mind is not made for one thing only. Variety is the spice of life, and no truer word was spoken. Music, art, literature, entertainment, science, math, animals, human nature, politics, history... what dreams would you have if you could have none of this? The human mind is limitless in potential, but limited in what it can accept. Try everything to find what their brains will accept.

Do not distance yourself from them. Always remain close, even through pain and awkwardness, even through scandal and tragedy. Forgive, don't forget, and love above all else. Be involved, but do not prohibit. It's true there is danger, but there is danger in every part of the world. Be aware, not scared. Be cautious, not paranoid.

Life is a paradox. Death is absolute. Regardless of your belief, do not live your life in chains. Believe in your own code, and spread that code to those who will accept it, and ignore those that will not. Do not fight them, do not hate them. Your child will always have something you dislike. Do not be ashamed of that. It is the nature of humans to rebel. Be there if the rebellion is unsuccessful, and don't lose touch if it is successful.

Be willing to admit you are wrong, but also be prepared to explain when you are right. You will make mistakes, and probably already have done. No one lives their lives as they wanted to, and unforeseen circumstances can change your lives completely. Never break the bond that joins you to them, but never let that bond be a constraint. Live elastically. Flexibility, determination, strength and freedom. These are not paradoxes, though they are hard to achieve.

Let your child know when you disapprove, but be aware of how much your disapproval matters. Take seriously the risks of your child's actions, and the consequences, but know the difference between “could have” and “has happened.”

Whatever doesn't kill you does not make you stronger, but if you never see death how can you say you're alive? Be safe but not sheltered. Go outside so that you can return inside. Experience so you can reflect. Live so that you may have lived.

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