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Astral Scream

Added:March 03rd 2009, 00:23:51
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Astral Scream.

Bones shake, earth quake, the fire and flame of disease.
The lost heart, the early start, come yell “Cease!”
The fire cries, in fright it dies, forever bound in chains,
The flame smoulders ever onwards, bound for days and days.

Above it all there sits a lord, who surveys the field as a commander,
The dead, the stricken, the lost and forsaken, victims of tactical blunder.
The war in the heavens had killed many, and many still yet screamed,
For love, for peace, for mercy at last, but no the dark lord deemed.

The sirens yelled, the soldier's hearts swelled, to relish the joy of combat,
The people cowered, against the power, of the omniscient king-rat.
War, in all, had gained them little, but still they all persisted,
Until all life, and the smallest sprite, had lost all against those they resisted.

Then across the divide, through time and space there came a hollow laughter,
A stuttered choke, a scream of pain, and never more sound thereafter.
The people stopped, the slaves stood still, they could not believe their ears.
The voice of the lord, the dark horde, had once again fallen silent-

But what for now? “We prepare”, they say,
“For what if it should come again? This scream of horror and decay.”
And so they prepare, defences high and tall,
But oh, what's this? It seems you prepare for war.

Now the astral scream lies silent, the voice of pain is gone,
But still the war machine rages, on and on and on.
The echoes of the combat will soon return,
The dark lord's fires will once again burn.

For even the all-powerful king-rat, was once a simple soldier.
Driven by greed and power, he was a madman, unhappy growing older,
For all their wealth, and their armaments of war,
There was, at heart, a passion – a lusting from the core,

Of every man, not just he,
Though stronger than the rest,
For all their power they could not be,
Stronger than the best.

Soon there will be battle, and corpses thrown aside,
As man's renewed rivalry, as the dark lord's time he bides,
Once again the echoes begin, the endless reverberation of pain,
Of suffering, and horror, of all times before, the same.

Man becomes beast, vermin and bile,
The horrors he committs, violent and vile,
The rat-king walks once more, proud and vain,
The Astral Scream is heard in the universe once again.

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