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Sunrise Pt 1

Added:August 22nd 2009, 23:03:26
Series:[ Sunrise ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 1)

Sunrise, Part 1. Plan on making this a series, don't know how well it will go but hell... if I can't do dedication then at least I can do scatterbrain. This series is intended to be a mix of narrative and poetry, as I seem to switch to poetry almost automatically while writing now. Oh well.

Come, traveller, sit with me. What brings you out here to this place? What motivates this venture into the unknown? Come, sit with me and let me tell you my story. A story of hatred, a story of woe, a story of desire, a story of pain which cuts to the very soul, come sit with me and see the fire in my eyes and the darkness of my mind.

It is a strange tale, but I swear it is true,
For once I was a human not unlike you,
A man of mind and muse,
A man to pick and choose,

Let me take you down those grimey corridors, lead you past the blood-stained rooms, over pits of certain doom and back to this room in infinite gloom.

You see my scars though lack of light,
In darkness we will sit tonight,
For when all man is stripped away,
What's left is beast, or so they say.

Tell me, traveller do you treasure your wealth?
Perhaps you horde in case of ill-health?
I see your eyes like new-born kitten's,
Your sticky fingers like adhesive mittens,

A man of riches that I treasured,
A man of luxury in which I leisured,
When picked from the world like an insignificant louse,
They tore me from my lavish house,

No time then for the silly disguise,
Lost to me now were my defence of lies,
The sun set for me then, no time for goodbyes,
Then I woke up, to my final sunrise.

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