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Sunrise Pt 2

Added:August 22nd 2009, 23:25:51
Series:[ Sunrise ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 1)

-And almost immediately a false start,
This is not what I wished to impart,
Back to the beginning I'll spread my mind,
And let me tell you what I'll find.

Years ago I was a lawyer, famous in my home town for righting wrongs and clearing names. Defence lawyers are almost always more popular than prosecutors, and I was no exception. My riches, my house, my life, all came from my job. I was very good at what I did. Maybe I let a few go here and there, you know? People that weren't exactly innocent but deserved that second chance, people who were not guilty but were probably guilty of something. The power over the souls assigned to me or who came looking for my help was unbelievable.

They came to me with open souls,
Laid their lives out like simple scrolls,
Put their lives in my two hands,
Staked their money, their health and lands.

...and so it made sense to me at least. They were never going to survive without my help, and I was never going to help them ruin other people's lives. I saw it as a service. So what if it wasn't fair? They took the chances, I merely revealed the result of their gambling.
Eventually life became dull. Every man who came to me had the same old problem, every woman the same old situation, every soul clouded by the mark which hung above their heads in grey cloudy letters...

Where should I find my faith,
In the dead or undead wraith?
In the ever living human spawn?
Oh stop me feeling so forlorn.
You see every man who visits me,
Shudders to a halt and grins inanely,
In tuxedo or complex kilt,
Their smiles fail to hide their GUILT.

A strange man losing faith then was I, struggling to find meaning in the darkness of the human soul. Each person I met became more greedy, more fevered, more diabolical. All I ever wanted to do was make a difference for the good of the world, to succeed where natural selection had yet to function and clean those who condemned themselves as inferior to the blackness. For they did condemn themselves. I only gave the final word to the executioner, I only threw away the key, it was their minds and their souls which led them to my door, it was their fate to give away. Sooner or later I knew I was going to break. Each putrid speck of so-called humanity ebbing out of me after every victory or loss, every hope drained from my mind, every smile faked until I didn't know what smiling truly meant anymore. I quit, eventually. “retired”, but those closest to me knew what I was feeling, and they understood when I became a recluse. I guess even now some of them don't know why I left.

Gnawing dry bones in devil's lair,
Tearing strips from stringy hair,
Beady eyes can but watch and stare,
At horrors beyond all compare.

August 23rd 2009, 19:01:52
cool thing, like it

September 01st 2009, 20:44:12
Somehow while reading this two parter, I started to imagine a musical, with the normal text being said aloud by the front actor in tuxedo, and the rhymes being sung and danced to by five men in the background.

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