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Syndel's Spire
Syndel's Spire

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Bleeding Angels

Added:August 30th 2009, 14:59:55
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 1)


(Edit: fixed several mistakes and fixed rhythm up a bit)

Bleeding Angels.

When you hear the cry,
From way up high,
When you mark the field,
Where many must yield,
When you blow the horn,
The sky is torn,
When you beat the grounded,
Against hatred unfounded,
You call forth the horde,
Of spirits bored,
The damned the demented,
The holy and the ascented,

Where between the planes of hope and fire,
We fight for love and for our own desires,
For freedom among the dreadful mires,
And fight for the just, and for the liars.

When deep underneath our fight for life,
To unknown things we bring much strife,
The chaos born from apple's loss,
We fight for those on pike or cross,
The beings now below or above,
Sense our lust, our hatred and love,
The skeletal angel, chained to the stone,
Cries out in anquish, cries out a deep moan,
Which shatters the resolve of man and beast,
They held their heads and for a moment all ceased,
The skeletal angel, covered in chain and bone,
Let out one single last howl, another ancient moan,
Of centuries past, of lives reborn,
All for nothing when more are torn,

The skeletal angel lowers it's skull-like head,
In darkness confined, it silently bled,
Acidic tears of a dark, crimson red,
Wept for all, man or beast bred.

When the dark angel could bleed no more,
It turned to ash and fell to the floor,
Where chains had held it fast to stone,
There was no more binding to restrict the bone,
It faded to dust and was swept away,
To places unknown on that fateful day,
Where man fought man and beast fought beast,
Where fighting had suddenly come to cease,
There came a sorrow in every soul,
Where no man knew the secret event,
Their hearts knew what the changes meant,
And slowly each one fell down onto knees,
Stared out blankly into the brisk winter-breeze,

And soon they cried tears of crimson red,
And knew in their hearts that they would all soon be dead.

August 31st 2009, 22:06:01
When I've got enough time I'll read all of your stories, poems etc.
You are so fucking creative...

September 02nd 2009, 09:56:47
agreed, you're a genius.

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