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Stixsworld's Torture Zone
Stixsworld's Torture Zone

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March 25th 1989

Boomers First Go...

Mood:mmmmh... doughnuts
Type:Diary entry
Added:October 03rd 2009, 22:58:53
Series:[ The Way of Life ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

...So I managed to for my first time to be able to get my hands on these suckers. I have always wanted to taste them and see what the hype was about them. Nonetheless they shall be my first new look on life forever. I got enough for me and another friend who knows more about the truth of life than I do...

...I am off to goto my friends house for the night with my lil goodies for us both to enjoy as his rents have left the house to him for a few days(so I think)...

...Took us long enough but we finally finished breaking our stuff up and stuffing a total of an 8th for each of us into a single fruit rollup, well atleast mine is in 1 he is eating his alone with sum chips...

...We have been sitting here watching tv for the past hour since we first ate our goodies(apparently you have to wait that long till you get the good effects they provide you). I am off to use the bathroom, will record if anything happens while there...

...I am back from the bathroom and got my first glimpse of the wonderful true meaning of life. As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom into a dark hallway I had a flash of rainbow colors go across my eyes. I liked it and am hoping to see more of this awsumness...

...Are you enjoying this???

...How are you feeling???

...I am pretty fucked up, quite sure my mind has temporarily been lost but still here at the same time. I am trying very hard to say all this clearly but it is so fucking hard. Reason being is I just had an out of body experience. What is that? That my slave is when you are sitting there and you see your self in 3rd person from behind enjoying yourself. It was an amazing view and feeling. Now me and my friend are off to enjoy sitting in the dark whilst enjoying the band Phish...


...So the band has ended and my peak has bypassed. I can clearly say that you most definitely should give these goodies ago. You will see the world as it truly is, meaning all the colors you shall see and what not are the essence of life and all the molecules around you moving the way they should be. Now for my wonderful sleep...

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