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Light of Granite
Light of Granite

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Seventh Heaven


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October 16th 1990

Ticking Clocks - Prologue + Zero

Added:December 22nd 2009, 21:45:46
Series:[ Ticking Clocks ]
Rating:4/5 (Votes: 1)


'Has she not led us into these waste seas
For long enough?'

'Aye, long and long enough.'

The start of a little long short story.

0 - Zero Movement

Movement. Thoughts in movement. Something I never expected to experience.
Halfway frozen I pushed myself forward, without knowing my location or having anything that I could call destination. After a long time of wandering I stopped turning around to look at my footprints - they vanish too fast due to the snow and they would direct to a place way over the horizon anyway.
The repetitive sound of my shoes on the ground degenerated to a quiet rhythm. Like the ticking of a clock.
Funny, although I did know for how long I had been moving, I was never able to summarize the journey behind me as a whole. Only fragments, spinning fragments visualized in front of my weary eyes.
My way so far was full of single events and endless periods of wandering. I can clearly remember the warm feeling of the sun shining down on my face, but the longer I moved, the colder the surroundings seemed. I've met a lot of different men and women, and even their images in my memory changed with the time: They became placeholder for the places I wanted to see. And for the places I had to see. I lost my attitude to them, somehow. Or started to love and hate other things. A pity. At least one warm thought about good old times could have been of help in this cold. I started to wonder if there was an end to all this.

'Of course I knew it'd end that day.'


It was chaos.


'Fuck it, and forget it, then fuck it again.'


It was necessary.


Maybe I should remember:

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