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October 16th 1990

Ticking Clocks 02 - Things

Added:December 26th 2009, 20:23:22
Series:[ Ticking Clocks ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 1)

Two - Things

I met those things. Several times. After endless days of walking through the Cold you start to notice everything in your view that is not resembling snow.
And they were black.
They never got close, but they were definitively there, watching me. It almost drove me crazy. Huge, dark, staring shapes in the middle of the white - almost falling over the horizon.
Their haunting presence would have driven everyone mad, make you paranoid.
But now, after what I've seen already - no. I just started to ignore them. Yeah, screw those irrelevant shapes there. They cannot stop you by staring at you.
And then... dawn. The sun doesn't seem to follow a normal rhythm anymore, maye it never did. The sun going down, you become tired. Sun rises, you awake.
However, you can't talk about the sun here without mentioning one fact: The sky is filled with grey clouds made of snow and wind, throwing it all in your face. The only difference between night and day is the alternating color of the snow: Day-white, Night-gray.
And the temperature drops down.
One night I woke up. A sound outside my tent got my attention, a quiet sound between the howling of the wind. I opened my tent and-
looked in the face of a Thing.
I think it was it's face, because it's skin (or fur?) was so dark all over, I could only see a huge shape in front of me, together with a pair of small blue eyes.
It was looking down at me, being twice my size, I was looking back up.
For some time.
Then it died.
It just dropped dead. Right in front of me. I just watched, silent. I remained silent, even while it melted to a black fluid which cristalized instantly to black powder and vanished into the Cold. My view wandered over the horizen for some time, but no other Thing was visible.
I felt nothing.
Just before I entered my tent, it got me.
I fell on the ground, laughing into my scarf like a madman. I laughed for ten whole seconds.
Then I got up and moved back into my tent to sleep. The morning after I found (no bigsurprise) no clue of this black dying Thing in front of my tent.
They kept following me. I knew it.


'That thing wanted to see me just before it died.'

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