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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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At The Heart Of It All


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August 29th 1988


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“They are coming for you.”. The man awoke from his prayers; stood up and turned around. He tried to clean off the dust from his clothes; but to his surprise everything seemed frozen. The birds stood still in the air. The wind stopped carrying the leaves away from the trees, and no sound could be heard in this picturesque garden. Just himself and another, yet familiar, man, with short black hair and pale skin were unaffected. “I know.”, the man replied calmly, “Are you seeking reconciliation, or are you just priding yourself by coming here.”. He returned to his knees and closed his eyes, continuing his prayers. “I do not have anything to pride myself with. I am neither the one who will condemn you, nor am I the one who betrayed you. But you know that.”. “I do.”, he sighed, “But did you really want me to believe you did nothing. to set this scheme in motion?”. “Did I have to?”, he walked through the garden, and continued: “Men are not yet old enough; still to easily fooled. Be it either by faith, lust or...”, he paused for a moment, “... greed.” He stopped his prayers and turned his head around; to answer. But he wasn't allowed to. “He will not answer you...”. “He will!”, he interrupted. The other one shook his head: “You failed him, and he made himself deliberately busy by attending other matters personally; just to avoid you and your failure.” “Don't be ridiculous...” “You will be trialed, found guilty, and executed in one of the most horrific ways these humans could have thought off yet. And yet he doesn't even send one of his foot soldiers to comfort you.”, he smiled and starred into the sky. “Shall I die, I'll do it as a martyr. And then I will ascend to his side to rule...” “If there's anything left to rule.”, he looked down again and his smile left for a more serious visage: “Your guests are arriving and I shall make my leave.” Time resumed, as the man disappeared.

Another set of men; a mixture of soldiers, police and common folk entered the garden. The man returned from his prayers and confronted the group: “May I ask who do you seek?”

An old man sat on chair and looked down on the man they brought in just recently. “Then tell us about you and your... consorts. We heard you spread teachings that oppose those of your very own religion. Is that correct?”. “I have done nothing wrong, nor did I do anything in secret...” The hour glass in the corner stopped. “See? As I said earlier, he doesn't not know of his err and preaches in front of your very noses. Confidence, or sheer arrogance?”, the black haired man, appeared behind the chair. “Does he even realize that with his actions he might bring doom upon you all? Does he not see that any new revolution among the people could bring forth drastic actions from your oppressors? Does he not care about his own people?”. The old man was obviously discomforted and confused by this sudden visit. But before he could react, the sand continued it's steady journey downward.

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