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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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At The Heart Of It All


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August 29th 1988


Added:June 15th 2010, 21:04:28
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“Our very existence is an affront to what they now believe. And they will not rest until every last shred of evidence that would oppose their fanaticism has been eradicated from this galaxy. We must act, if we are to survive.” Six bursts of bright light gathered in a circle, illuminating a wide and open cave. Through each one of them communicates with the others. A gathering; counseling the destruction of their own kin. “Your decisiveness is to be honored Nola, but what do you suggest? We are not fighters. Our numbers are few and how should we face an enemy we have been allied with for so long? They know us, and target our weaknesses. We cannot hope to stand a chance.” “We can always leave this region...” “How long do you think we can stay hidden, Nel? How long until they come after us?” “But we would have more time, to...” “To what? Prepare ourselves for our doom, while your enemy is backed up by such a superior force we have never encountered before? A force we know nothing about and cannot even reach, talk to, reason with; let alone fight? It could very well track us down where ever we go and lead the Anr to us again. And how many lives will we sacrifice in such a cowardice act, for a little more time we might or might not get?” “We are not cowards, Nola. But do you see us winning this ''war''?” “This is why we must see through with the plan I proposed. It is our only chance.” “Have you gone mad, my old friend? Is this really how you wish this conflict to end? Do you even realize the consequences?” “We could still try to talk reason into them. Sil, what did your ambassador say upon his return.” “He did not return...” “I told you. You cannot talk to them, you cannot reason with them; all we can do is to stop them bringing destruction upon us.” “So we bring the destruction to them? What gives us the right?” “What gives them the right?” Silence. Helplessness. Inconclusiveness. Until, Kal, young scientist broke the silence. Sparked hope where there was none. “We could try to force logical reason upon them, and hope the Anr see the err in their way. Our emitters would be powerful enough to deliver the energy required to make such a chance in their brains possible.” “It is still ethically questionable...” “Yet, they would still live; unlike if we were to proceed with Nola's plan.” “Alright. All who support Kal's plan vote now.” Four of the six bursts of light turn green; two red. “And for Nola's plan...”. Two green, four red. The decision has been made.

“Don't fret, Nola. While they didn't accept your plan, theirs could provide us with enough time to perform the procedure with the few support we have.” Nevertheless, the giant creature was in unrest, moving up and down in the forest clearing. He anticipated their cooperation, but in turn he underestimated their tactical thinking. “Calm down, the rest of those who are willing to see through with this will arrive shortly.” “Who are we expecting exactly?” “Well for one there is me...” “What?”, Nola starred back with serious almost angry eyes. But upon seeing the relaxed face of his friend, he realized. “I am not really in the mood for your try wit my old friend.” A silent nod. “Your sister Len will aid; and she has agreed to get an emitter from Kal's laboratory.” “Excellent, we need it to enhance the power; otherwise our limited numbers won't suffice. Let's hope Kal won't mind one of her precious inventions missing.” After acknowledging Nola's attempt at humor he continued: “The others who will also join are: Kadr, Altair, Oyadr, Ilair and Nari.” Another silent nod. “Thousands of spins of meditation, training, and learning..” “... will finally fruit my friend.” A small breeze of wind swept through the clearing as six others appeared out of thin air, circling the two. “We are ready.” They all spoke synchronously. “Then we shall start immediately.” Nola nodded towards his sister. She nodded back and threw a small black crystal into the center of the circle. Nola and his friend took their place in the circle, facing the object. The crystal started spinning, perfectly balanced around its middle axis. As it burst out surplus energy into the surrounding ground it grew, to almost six meters of size before it rested in the middle of the circle. The ceremony could begin.

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