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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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At The Heart Of It All


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August 29th 1988


Added:June 22nd 2010, 22:21:52
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Fire fell like rain
Onto temples freshly built
To end an everlasting reign
As a god pays for his guilt

The beginning of a war
Steered by hate and revenge
Mortals stood and watched in awe
There was nothing they could do or change

And tragically the palace fell
The enemy forced to retreat
They sound their glorious bell
to pronounce their defeat

Mortals spared rallied around
The truth different from their belief
The angels mortality abound
All of them have been naive

To truth being told
They have been mislead
Their faith fueling a war so old
Smoothing lies spoon-feed
In disgust they turned their side
Those once revered by all
Had a secret agenda to hide
That had been brought to fall

With lies of convenience gone
Change is happening in the mind
No one left to look upon
Old values and laws to rescind

Highly valued, the freedom newly won
The saviors carved in history for all time
The story shall be passed from father to son
A new awakening to chime

A rhyme taught in Maleon schools to their new generations describing the events that led to the fall and defeat of the religious oppression and dark age caused by a God and his servants over three thousand years ago through another ascended being calling himself Ilair.

Despite tendencies of the Maleon people to view their savior as their new object of worship; Ilair made clear that he'll leave the Maleon people not to interfere in their state of affairs again.

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