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Syndel's Spire
Syndel's Spire

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Added:July 10th 2010, 19:17:04
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 2)

Sinful angels block your way,
For they do not know how to play,
The games which we were shown that day,
They mock with scorn and fly away,

For you and I were souls conjoined,
Thrown from the cauldron, peace purloined,
To strike us from our peaceful murmur,
Burn us till we find ourselves firmer.

Born in flames of sinful fame,
We played their wicked, horrid game,
Till all the sands did turn the same,
Red with essence of fool and lame,

And so as tools of war were we,
For lord and god and old gentry,
And there it was we would remain,
Until the men did go insane,

And from the heavens, above the fight,
Both fool and king did cower in fright,
And from the sky did come the might,
Of those of evervescent light.

"What manner are you who stand so tall?"
We asked with a self-rightous call,
"What beasts are these which hang, not fall?"
"Fear us mortals, bow down as small!

"We are the sacred, the dutiful being,
We are of purity and godly seeing,
For our lord is not a mortal man,
But the architect of almighty plan!

"Lay down yourselves and surrender your masters!
The lord has seen fit to avert further disasters!
As though you are brothers and fight as one,
The one you fight is your brother and son!

So we looked at our foe and felt a great sorrow,
Made just like us, from our lord we all borrow,
And so we saw our opponant's true face,
Beneath iron and steal, and battle-like grace,

And in that beautiful, pristine shimmer,
All which we found we recognised glimmer,
Of soul beneath steal and battleworn plate,
And saw the birth of us all - our conjoined fate.

But when we turned to the angels watching with distaste,
It was not peace we felt, or the need to embrace,
It was too late for that, for although they could not see,
We were more than that which we were created to be,

And as the first man did raise over his head,
Let out a cry to wish the other dead,
The angels did stare in suprise and astonishment,
That one such as we could withstand such admonishment.

"Stop we say, in the name of the lord!"
"Onwards my brothers, to sever life's cord!"
"Surely you must see that this is sheer madness?!"
"But this is our purpose! We revel with gladness!"

For conjoined you and I, and seperated at birth,
We share the same parent - the great mother-earth,
And though we do whisper and sing the same tunes,
Our place is in purpose, there will be death in the dunes,

So when those wicked angels block your way,
Walk on by, with not a word to say,
For despite what they think of our violent way,
For us it's just playtime, and in combat we stay.

August 21st 2010, 03:09:33
Really really good, my only response is that I think we need to start taking play time more seriously, and serious time more playfully.

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