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September 22nd 1982

The Train Job Act II

Added:August 20th 2010, 03:14:03
Series:[ The Train Job ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 1)

Still the same story.

"So where did you find this one?" I asked as we passed through the varying cars and their internal themes. The pool was the last car of the train so we got to see basically everything there was. A video game arcade, a restaurant, a dance hall, and three movie theaters were all open to us as we walked through, the final theater grabbing my attention as a large green tentacled monster jumped at the screen as I asked.

"Hey, keep up." Eve insisted, ignoring my query. The next car was similar to the dance hall, while the car part doubled as a locker room similar to the one in the pool. "We're here." I looked down into the large room, a strobe light and disco ball making it a bit hard to see as loud electronic music was played, pounding against the back of my head. It seemed to be set up as a sort of skating rink, and some sort of competition was going on. "Interested?"

I scoffed, not knowing for once if she was serious or not. "In skating?" She nodded. "I don't think so..."

"Aww, why not?"

I just stared at her for a moment, still trying to find out if she was serious. "I don't think it's the right time."

"Oh but you could sign up with Ivy as your partner, maybe win a whole bunch of money." She said, widening her eyes before giving me a slightly jealous look as she spoke. I didn't react.

"You know I'm with Mary."

"Who's Mary?" A woman asked coming up to us. Seeing her I instantly knew that she was Ivy, as she was just the kind of woman Eve usually brought into the upper positions she had previously mentioned. Beautiful on the outside, probably cold and calculated and very bright on the inside. She was a bit shorter then us, with green eyes to match her name and black hair. This fit Eve's pattern as well, as she usually wanted her fiery red hair to stand out when matched to other women.

"Ivy huh?" She nodded. "She's none of your concern."

"Oh, a tough guy huh?" Ivy sportingly joked.

Eve just laughed. "You know it," she subtly glanced my way, "why else would he be here?"

"So you want to skate?" Ivy asked with a flirtatious look. "Could be fun."

"As I was just saying, I don't think we have time for fun."

Eve looked at her watch. "Unfortunately he's right, we might as well get started." She moved over to the lockers to a computer screen in between them, we followed. After pushing a few buttons we were greeted with a live screen of the train's route. She pointed to a large building at the edge that was on the way. "This is the train's next stop, where it'll go down. We still have about twenty minutes, but might as well get started with the preparations."

I knew well enough not to trust a word Eve said, the preparations could have been the job itself, and I was still trying to figure out what exactly she was up to. I couldn't imagine anything at the train stop that could be stolen for the fortune she alluded to on the phone, but kept my mouth shut. "So where do we come in?"

"You come in over here..." She said leading us out into the next car. This one was mostly bare, and almost looked like an old abandoned warehouse. There were two men standing guard at each door and four gathered around the center of the room where one sole table sat, a set of laptops set up in the middle.

"What is this?"

"A poker game!" Eve exclaimed, showing some honest excitement.

I looked over to Ivy who showed no emotion looking back at me with a slight hint of amusement. "You set this up?"

She patted my chest. "You're not the only one with connections babe."

"And my job?"

"Is to oversee it."

My eyebrow arched. "That's it?"

She nodded. "That's it...simple enough for you?"

"I don't get it..."

"You don't have to." She pointed to a lone bench on the side of the room. "Just sit there and make sure everything goes well."

I still didn't believe it. "Just sit there?"

"And they say you can't take instruction." She kissed me gently on the cheek. "Have fun." Without another word she whispered something into the guard's ear on the opposing side of the room and left with Ivy.

I still felt kind of confused, not exactly sure what to do as the guard behind me left the room and the other motioned me into the room towards the bench. "You guys can get started." He commented, and with that two of the four men began typing on their computers as I slowly walked and sat down, looking around for anything out of the ordinary as if the entire situation wasn't.

The second guard soon left out of his door, and the game began. Cards were dealt and the four just minded their own business as if I wasn't there. My mind was reeling, none of this made sense. I could usually piece together what Eve was planning, but then again I usually had a bigger part in the schemes. This just seemed as if she was getting me out of the way, and if that was the case why was I even needed? "What's at stake?" I asked after a minute or so of silence.

"Hundred K." One answered.

This made even less sense. That was a paltry sum as far as Eve was concerned, and even if she did want to steal it she could have easily done it from anywhere, especially with their computers right there. And if she really did set all this up she knew that, and of course would know I would figure it out. I sighed, rubbing my head...was she trying to set me up? Was I finally one of her fall guys? If so I couldn't just sit here...but I did.

Five minutes passed, and ten. Still nothing. I glanced at my watch and realized I was running out of time. Whatever she was planning this was definitely not it, and I had to find out what it was. I got up and headed for the door as all four players got up with me. "Where you going?" One asked in a quite hostile manner.

"Getting out of guys don't need me."

"Oh but we do." Another said, causing the dread feeling to come back in the pit of my stomach. I wasn't about to stick around to find out what they had in store for me and quickly dashed for the door Eve and Ivy had gone through, the guard standing right there.

"Can't follow direction huh?"

I staggered back as the players caught up to me and took hold, the guard helping them drag me towards the door. "What the fuck! What are you doing?"

"If you can't play by the rules, you can't play." One of them said, but I was too entangled trying to escape to see which one. It was no use though, the harder I struggled the more disoriented I became and the easier it was for them to carry me to the door, holding me in between cars just long enough for me to catch sight of the highway we were speeding by before tossing me off of the train.

I hit the ground hard, and luckily there was a space of grass in between the track and highway to slow me down or I'd probably be dead. Either way it hurt like nothing else, but I had to act fast, the train was speeding by even as I slowed down, rolling onto the highway in front of a car that quickly skidded to a stop a few feet ahead of me.

Shaking off my pain I grabbed my gun out of the little holster I had put on my ankle when I hoped Eve wasn't looking and propped myself up pointing it at the driver of the stopped car. "Get out of the car!" I screamed again and again, rushing up to the door and having to pull him out as he held his hands up in fear. I got in and slammed the door quickly tucking the gun under my shirt and sped away after the train just as the last car had passed.

Again lucky for me the highway had a speed limit of two hundred miles an hour, and the car I stole had a bit more power then that allowing me to catch up to the train that had already started to decrease speed in preparation for it's stop. Still, driving at the speed was obviously very dangerous, and weaving in and out of traffic while trying to keep an eye on the train was a task. I began to think my luck was a little too good as the highway got even closer to the tracks and I began speeding by the cars, barley missing a few that were on the road when having to turn into the opposite lane. But I didn't have time to think about that now, if she hadn't already gone through with her plan she would soon, and I had to make sure it wasn't as horrible as I was beginning to think it might be.

I soon caught up to the last three train cars, that were all just regular passenger seating where I could see through the window normally instead of the sort of holographic projections of the previous rooms that were set up. I knew Mary was sitting in the first car, so my assumption was that Eve and Ivy would be there too. I soon found that I was right, able to see them sitting comfortably just a few rows behind where I remembered leaving Mary. My anger reached a peak as I tried to steady the speeding car looking on as Ivy calmly motioned to Eve who stood up and waved at me without an ounce of surprise. She actually seemed glad to see me out there, and my anger was once again mixed with fear, wondering if I was playing right into her hands.

She just smiled at me in her fake way, kissing the window and in a mock seduction lifted her skirt, giving me the sight of her panty line before sitting back down. I don't know if she did it on purpose but it did bring an idea to my head as I neared the front of the train and could see the docking tunnel bearing down on us. Perhaps, even if the chance was almost nil, I could get some evidence of her being here to get her caught, if it came to that. Either way it was the only way I could imagine getting back on the train before they were able to get off of it at the station and flee, and considering they might not have done whatever they were planning I had to take the chance at finding out what it was and possibly stopping it.

So I sped the car up as much as I could passing by the front car of the train, gathering all my courage and giving into the adrenaline pumping through my veins. Without another thought I turned off of the road, speeding through the grass at an angle that would hopefully shoot my car right in front of the train as I hit a bump and flew in that direction regardless.

August 20th 2010, 11:26:35
Very nice again ^_^. No complaints this time. I Look forward to the next part :)

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