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September 22nd 1982

The Train Job Act III

Added:August 20th 2010, 15:23:24
Series:[ The Train Job ]
Rating:4/5 (Votes: 1)


More pain filled my senses as the sound of crunching metal surrounded me. Luck still seemed to be with me though, as the car just barley made it in front of the train before it plowed into it, causing a large jarring as the car steadied itself on the tracks with the force of the train pushing it along, sparks flying every which way. I didn't have time to count my blessings as I could see the tunnel up ahead as the train started to dramatically decrease it's speed. I quickly crawled over to the passenger side, hitting away some of the shards of glass that still remained before looking for some sort of handle I could get on the train.

There was nothing to be found, so I stood up punching my way through the small glass opening in the roof and stuck my head out, the wind hitting me full force as we still were going pretty fast. I could possibly reach and get a handle on the front window of the train form the top of the car, but I had to do it fast, pieces of metal flying off every second. I got up on the roof as steadily as I could and glancing back one more time to see the tunnel a mere hundred feet or so away quickly used what traction I could to jump over to the train at the exact moment it entered the tunnel.

The car was instantly mutilated, its front and back cut off by the walls of the tunnel and the rest soon collapsing under the pressure of the still speeding train, and I held on as hard as I could as it hit, causing yet another hard stop in the train as it continued to slow down.

Using all my strength I pulled myself up as best I could, ignoring the bewildered and panicked faces of the trains operators, soon finding a ladder I could use to climb to the roof, which I barley could crouch on with the tunnel zooming overhead. It didn't matter though, as I wasn't heading too far, a few feet away was the latch that opened up to an elevator that would eventually lead the passengers down into the terminal at ground level. I called it up by pressing a few buttons, and went over what I'd do in my head when I got back inside.

But true to Eve's plans nothing I could have thought prepared me for her standing in the elevator waiting for me, a smug smile on her face. "You coming?" Shock was all I could feel but I knew I was running out of time as the train began to get to a stop so I rolled over and fell into the elevator, instantly jumping back up and pulling my gun on her. She could only laugh at this, an expected response. "A little tense are you?"

"Fuck you." I cocked the gun. "Tell me now."

"Tell you what?"

"What the fuck is going on!" I screamed. "Are you trying to set me up?"

"Oh honey no...I already told you, you are an integral part of this plan."

"And that's why you left me in some fucking room to watch a card game? Don't lie to me Eve I know you aren't trying to boost anything from them."

She laughed again. "Of course not."

"Then what was the point!"

"Why this, of course." She motioned around her. "It was fun, huh?"

My voice cracked, my stream of thought destroyed. "What?"

Her voice lowered, enticing me. "You couldn't stay in there could you? You needed a big part in the plan...right? See you get off on thinking you know so much about me but the truth is I know a bit more about you, don't I?"

I strengthened my grip on the gun pushing her away. "You don't know me at all."

"Oh but I do. You didn't come here just for money, you love this shit. Why do you think you grew so attached to me and couldn't turn me in?"

My anger rose again as my thoughts began to become conflicted. In a way she was right, and I had done exactly what she expected in proving it. I could play it off as paranoia or wanting to stop her, but I knew as much as she did that I probably wouldn't have been able to do anything to even slow her down. "So what...all this was just some fucking game at my expense?"

She shrugged. "Not really...more of a test."

I took one hand off the gun to rub my throbbing head, trying to wrap my mind around this. "Then you're not stealing anything...?"

"I never said I was. You know what they say about assumptions."

"You said I'd be set for life. What did you expect me to think?"

Her eyes lit up again. "That you'd be set for life of course, and you still can be."

"What are you talking about?"

"Join me...give up that dreary existence you've settled with and be with me."

"We both know that can't work..."

"Why not? We can live long, happy and most importantly, rich lives. All you have to do is say yes."

"And this is my test? To become a full fledged criminal? You know I can't do what you do."

"Oh right, cause you're too good? Bull shit. Even with the guise of doing the right thing you enjoyed our games as much as I did. Do you honestly think you came here with any chance of stopping me?" I shook my head, slightly lowering my gun. "So what's the problem?"

"Stealing is one thing..."

"But killing?" I nodded. "Fuck sweetie; it's only hard the first time."

"I'm not a killer. You know that."

"Is that your final answer?"

I lowered the gun with a confused look. "Why does it matter?"

She chuckled. "Well this is a pretty critical juncture in the plan."

"I thought you said it was a test."

"Did I say it was only a test? For someone who knows me so well you aren't keeping up."

"But..." My eyes wandered as I slowly pieced together the clues. I raised the gun again. "I won't help you kill anyone, I told you that was the only thing I'd never help you do."

"That you know about." She teased.

"What the...would you stop fucking with me!" I screamed, totally frustrated.

She laughed again teasingly. "Come now, you and I both know that is the one thing that I will never do for you." She said pulling up her skirt to show me her panties. "Did you honestly think I wouldn't be prepared for a sudden stop?" I remained silent. "Not that it wasn't fun, I did get thrown a pretty decent length, but honey even if I was going commando, I'm not that excited."

"It was worth a shot..."

"To get me caught, right?" She laughed again as the train came to a stop and the elevator began to buzz. "Running out of time hun."

"Time for what?"

"To be part of the winning team."

I scoffed at that. "Yea, you and Ivy?"

She shook her head. "Ivy's just another replaceable. You and I are what's important. She's a good one, don't get me wrong, I might have her stick around for awhile yet. She's one of them ghosts. No fingerprints; eye scans, blood work, all interchangeable. The perfect partner that can never be caught."


"Ha ha, right. You know I don't need that stuff."

"Right...and the look before?" She started but I stopped her, "Don't lie."

She continued her laughing, shaking her finger at me. "You know how I am. Just like I know how you are. Things with Mary aren't that good are they?" I hesitated. "Don't blame it on money either, you're missing the thrill you had when you were undercover, the thrill that's been missing ever since you two left. I can tell. Ivy makes up for everything that has fallen apart with Mary. She is in it for life, like me. Like you can be."

"I already told you it won't work Eve. No matter how much money or women you throw at me, I'm not that guy."

She looked into my eyes and sighed. "I believe's a shame too."

I swallowed hard, keeping the gun aimed at her head. "So what happens now?"

She just smiled, for the first time that I had seen showing some honest remorse. "You'll see."

"I can't let you kill someone Eve."

Her eyes lit up again as her voice returned to seduction. "So, you going to kill me instead?"

I swallowed hard beginning to squeeze the trigger as the elevator stopped, the doors behind me opening. Surprise caused me to turn around to see the trainload of people waiting there in annoyance at how long it took, apparently Eve had tampered with it's control path. I lowered the gun quickly hiding it under my shirt turning back to Eve who was gone, the door on the other side leading out to the train station all that I could see as people began filtering past me. "Did they figure out what the crash was?"

"It was a car, I saw it."

"No way!"

I snapped myself out of my shock and annoyance and anger and frustration and running on pure adrenaline again pushed my way past the crowd and into the station. My best guess was that if I was to catch Eve, even after she had done whatever she was planning, it would be through the main gate. I just hoped she didn't know any back exits to slip past me. For a moment I wondered again if she was right, if I was just high on the thrill, and if I had made the wrong choice, but convinced myself to ignore it, that I really wasn't in it just for that.

I ran as fast as my feet would allow, following the signs and trying my best not to push into people and draw further attention to myself. I got there just as my phone started vibrating, pushing my way through the doors and spinning in circles out on the block to try and make out Eve or Ivy, with no success. I cursed to myself and pulled out the phone, reading the message from Mary, 'Where are you? The conductors said you weren't on the train and I'm worried, were you involved in the crash? We're headed out, I'll wait for you at the entrance.'

Time seemed to freeze. Suddenly all the pieces fit together, the test, the offer, the job, everything. And the feeling of dread in my stomach had never been so strong. I wasn't being set up at all, she was right, I was integral to the whole fucking thing. And I had to stop it. I started back towards the building only to find Ivy standing in front of me, her calm face still showing no emotion. "Get out of my way..." I warned, still clutching the gun.

She shook her head. "Sorry, game's over. You can't interfere in this." I began to pull the gun out but she was faster, pushing my arm down as she jabbed me in the gut and then punched me across the face, causing the gun to fire off into the ground as I fell. Panic stirred, everyone running around and screaming, and I instantly regretted it as I knew this was the perfect environment Eve needed.

But there was nothing left I could do. Ivy stepped on my hand for a moment, pointing to the building where Mary was rushing out, and I knew instantly the person behind her in the black mask and gloves was Eve. I shook my head, my eyes starting to tear. "No..."

But it was too late, the second Mary got out of the building a sock was wrapped around her throat and she was dragged away through the crowd of people, and Ivy soon followed. I got up grabbing the gun to follow suit but a large man continued his path to me and tackled me, forcing me back to the street, my back hitting hard against a parked bus. Another one of Eve's men I presumed, but before he could bring me down the men from the poker game came and pulled him off of me.

Confusion once again filled my mind but seeing Mary's legs struggling at the edge of the building I knew I had precious little time to figure things out. I quickly swung my gun around in my hand and grabbing hold of the barrel pistol whipped the large man as hard as I could in his bald head. He was a big man though, and that didn't even stop him, so I swung again, going down with him and a couple of the others from the poker game, who began to hold both of us down amidst the still screaming people that flew around us.

"Get off!!" I struggled as they continued to beat the man who attacked me and reached for my gun, aiming it at his chest and much to my dismay managing to fire it off, before they all quickly pulled away releasing us and joined the group of panicked observers. I stood up as quickly as I could, gun still in hand, and looked to the bus full of people who were watching on in horror as the man slowly died on the floor. "Fuck me..." I turned back around and hopped over the body rushing to the edge of the building just in time to see Eve stand up, kicking Mary's lifeless body. "What the fuck Eve?"

"This was your choice." She said under the mask.


"Do you really think I trust you enough to keep me a secret?" She knelt down, pulling something out from underneath Mary's shirt. It was a police badge, and it was flashing red indicating an officer down. I knew that very soon this place would be surrounded. "Especially with her being undercover now too? Did you really think she was taking you on vacation?" She laughed.

I turned back to the dead man. "And him?"

"Her bodyguard! Can you believe it?" She exclaimed almost gleefully.

"Ivy?" She pointed to the end of the block, and I could make out her body as she turned the corner. "You know better then to run don't you. It's pointless, we're all fucked."

She came up close to me and whispered to me, "sweetie, you know that everything I do has a point." She gave me a quick little peck on the cheek, staring into my eyes. "I really did like you." I nodded in defeat as she turned and began to run down the block, dropping the gloves and mask just before turning the corner and leaving my field of vision.

I didn't bother, and I was right. Within seconds police copters and cruisers were pulling up to me, knelt down gently caressing Mary's hair. "I'm sorry..." I managed to whisper to her before being hauled away.

*** *** ***

"And even though we'd like to, unfortunately there isn't enough evidence to convict you Eve." The judge said as I watched on helplessly behind the bars of the elevator to prison. All three of us had been caught as I predicted, but due to Ivy's ghost like nature they couldn't match any fingerprints or eye scans to her being there, even though many people had testified seeing someone who looked like her. Thanks to my testimony they did manage to pin her with a small one year sentence of possible accessory, but it probably wasn't anything she wasn't expecting. The fall guys, ironically enough, got even less, a few years of probation for aggravated assault and self-defense based on the witnesses accounts of what they apparently saw go down.

Eve, as careful as she was, had nothing to do with it at all. Her being "near" and getting brought in was nothing but circumstantial, and even my testimony couldn't get past her lawyers' arguments. As usual, she got off scott free. Me on the other hand, I was found guilty of two counts of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, public destruction of property, unlawful use of a firearm, and a few other minor annoyances that wouldn't make much difference since I would be getting a life sentence anyway.

I didn't even try to fight it, I brought it on myself, even if I hadn't known the extent of Eve's plan. I deserved my fate. And Eve was on her way to us to probably gloat over that very fact, while the judges and officers talked and prepared our ride. "So, this is how it ends?" I managed as she stopped in front of our barred view.

"Looks like it." She peered over to Ivy. "I told ya you'd end up with her huh?" I remained emotionless. "They always do seem to like you better don't they?"

"It's character." I harshly spat out between ground teeth.

"Right, and you got lots of it." She poked her finger through one of the holes the bars made. "I prefer intellect."

At that the elevator made a noise before starting up and the room was quickly risen out of view as we began our descent to the prison city. I dropped to my knees as Ivy came up to me, kneeling down and rubbing her hands through my hair. She softly spoke slowly and seductively into my ear, "don't worry babe, me and you are gunna have lots of fun."

August 21st 2010, 00:31:16
A bit dissonant at times, could use some more detailed description of places/events/people, but otherwise very good again :)

August 21st 2010, 02:44:00
That was probably due to the tone of the story. As I said it was based on a series of dreams I had had, i just threw a quick plot in there to write something cause i thought the fragments forgotten could have made a good movie or something.

Thank you though for reading. :)

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