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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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August 29th 1988


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From the Book of Planes, a joined effort of Altair and Ilair:

Planes of Existence; also refereed to simply as planes. Physical space, with laws of physics of their creators choosing, lying hidden in one of the almost infinite number of possible dimensions. Usually uninhabitable dimensions are chosen; those that never supported life in any form in the first place. A lot of power is necessary to create even the simplest shapes and forms. But it's almost impossible to maintain them without the help of creatures who live and believe (for a detailed explanation on the Power/Believe system, refer to “Power from Faith”) in them. Who ever creates the plane, decides who, how and what creatures may live inside the plane. And if a council of the most powerful ascending being agrees they may even be the final destination for souls, to which a certain criteria applies, dying in any other possible, inhabited dimension. Planes of Existences may be deserted, shrink, grow or be destroyed in it's entirety; depending on how many or who remains to remember or believe in the Plane. Planes of Existences are commonly used by Ascending Beings to offer their non-ascended followers a place to live after their physical bodies have failed to function. Promising eternal life or reunification with others who transcended earlier. ...

… Prominent examples of artificially created Planes of Existence:

The most prominent examples of such a plane of existence are Valhǫllr, a plane created by a now slain ascending being who went by the name of Óðinn. While the god is no more to maintain rule of the plane, it still exists solely off the faith its inhabitants living in it. It is mainly occupied by Homo Sapiens (for a detailed explanation refer to “Species of Universes”) with a few artificially created species to act as a law and recruiting agents. While it was never agreed upon which policies would allow automatic entrance to Valhǫllr, Óðinn created a species to collect his most promising followers souls and offer them entrance to Valhǫllr. Since living in Valhǫllr was not compulsory; it was deemed just by the Council.

Another rather interesting plane of existence, created for all kind of species, is called Heaven. It was created by the One (refer a detailed explanation refer to “Ascending Beings – Past and Present”) as a place for the Ones most promising followers. Common workers of the One are instructed to transfer souls that followed to teachings of The One to Heaven without asking for permission, or giving a choice to refuse. The plane caused wide spread controversy among the Council of Ascending Beings and other ascending beings for undermining free will. But upon realizing that no rule had been established prior the creation of Heaven to prevent such actions, they allegations where refuted by followers of the One. Never the less this plane stands as a prime example of what is possible given enough power: The plane is itself split into different smaller planes, each housing a personal space based upon the inner most desires of its inhabitants. It is governed and ruled by Angels, common foot soldiers of the One.

Many planes of existence may vanish over time or have their recruiting policies revoked throughout the life time. One such a example is a twisted version of Hel, whose previous creator an Ascending Being called Hel, died in the First Civil War (for a detailed explanation refer to “The First Civil War: A Chronicle”). It was later taken over by a rebellious Angel later going by the name of “The Fallen One”. While the first version accepted those denied from Valhǫllr, by giving another choice of eternal life; the latter reincarnation had it's inhabitants gather the souls of those denied from Heaven. While quickly growing in numbers, it built a huge oppositional force amongst the Council for complete disregard of free will. It was later attacked and destroyed by prominent members of the Council including Nola, Loki and Tiamat. While the Plane still exists, due to widespread belief and fear that it's the final destination of souls not conforming to laws laid down by The One, it has been forced shut to new souls by the Council. Since it's recruiting of new souls was solely based upon existing members gathering new souls it's has been deserted for many aeons.

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