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Syndel's Spire
Syndel's Spire

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Wooly Seraphim

Added:December 02nd 2011, 01:56:13
Rating:4/5 (Votes: 1)

They are
-----Who seek us in the darkness,
Hands lit by blue-screened monitors
and faces blue through the asphixiation
----Who dare to move through night,
And insult the nocturnal
With their courage
----Who take their souls and spirits,
And forsake all earthly anchors
To fly amongst the midnight suns
----Who take their time between the stars,
And look upon mortals with piteous eyes
And cry the tears of seraphim.
----Who descend from clouds of mystic gray,
To speak to us and open minds
To cut the tethers of our lives
----Who snip the chords that bind us,
Who give voice to our silence
Who give flight to our wings.

---They are...
--------------- ...our angels.
Playing with scissors
----------------------- at
---------------------------heaven's gate
------------------------ to
----------------- teach
Of solitude
--And wrap us in their wings so tight
That we may never see the light
But instead we thrive in dark delight,
And forego choice and senseless fight
They take us from this empty blight,
And use their ever awesome might,
To hold us in their wings so tight,
That all our worlds move out of sight.
They tell us "hush we shall not bite,"
As they lift us from our earthly plight,
Carry us away to such great height,
That we soar with grace of a kite.


---Who hold us in the dead of night
Our eyes so empty, so hungry still
---Who try their best to save us all
But in truth, they are the kill.

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