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The Sycamore II

Added:September 12th 2012, 13:56:34
Series:[ The Sycamore ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

But rain stops.
Wounds heal, earth dries.
Flowers bloom in the early morning light,
Reaching towards oblivions they will never reach,
Reaching for skies they will never conquer,
But still reaching.

Skin reforms around flesh and bones and within the chest a new heart is born,
Breathing, panting, sweating.
"I do" live again.
"I don't" reject my being.
A new heart.
It beats like a drum,
Thump thump thump, the steady rhythm of life,
The metronome of existence.

And in my garden a Sycamore grows,
The shoots are dancing through my toes,
It's trunk is solid and withstand's blows,
Withstands everything the cold thug throws,

Fell down once to be revived,
Fell in love and lost through lies,
Fell in mires and moped and grieved.
Fell for pastures, evergreen.

Twisting turning towards the light,
The Sycamore beats in steady rhyme,
In time brick gives way to flesh,
And to love without trust begets no crime.

Friend, I need not your assistance in this matter,
Your words are as old as ancient scroll,
They echo in fragmented order,
Criticism and advice no longer sought,
I need no other to shoulder burden,
I require no helping hand for this,
Your blades are already over,
And today a new love I may kiss.

I was buried in the streets of your love,
lying on lay-lines lost and lonely,
My corrupted corpse is ever older,
But inside there nought now remains.

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