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Syndel's Spire
Syndel's Spire

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Added:January 03rd 2013, 05:03:13
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Endings and beginnings

Here is our ending, coming without mercy.

It catches our futures and binds them in certainty - fixing our points in past and present in a single microcosm of existence, and what do we do?

We do what we always do. Slaves to systems of habit. As the world crashes around our eyes we look upon the carnage and spare thoughts of why, and what ifs, and where now?

But our reaction defies our exploring minds. We come in, we work, we play our games, as if blind to the impending doom - as if denying the shadow crawling over us.

Perhaps it is rebellion, in a way, to ignore the impossible - to see the might of creation and destruction woven into two, and pressed against us. We feel nothing and are immune.

The farmhouse is burning, it's hollow walls echoing screams in the cold fire. It is ethereal, unknown and yet familiar as home.

We are not in the flames, and we shall remain to pick up the pieces. We can mend broken lines, bring light to darkness.

A spider-web of creation haunts the future, like a million paths balancing above the endless black abyss. Each one leads to darkness, in the end.

And all darkness is an ending.

Once, there was chaos, then there was prayer, and now, the burning sun sets once more on us.

Is it possible to build a dream in the dark?
By feel, by touch?
Or are we always someone else's dream?
As fragile as a song?

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