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Words of Ignorance
Words of Ignorance

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June 02nd 1988

The One (Poem)

Added:March 25th 2013, 17:10:16
Series:[ Gorging my Thoughts ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 2)

I have got a hidden, age-old friend
and he will last longer than the end.
Someone doesn't think that he exists,
I will teach him with my verbal fists!

Just how does something start if nothing's there?
He IS just there, makes everything, beware!
Can you not feel it, how could you deny
that you will meet him right after you die?!

All-Powerful beyond all space and time,
catastrophies within his plan, sublime!
Accept his unconditional love and grace
or suffer in his horrid, gruesome place!

Avoiding hell where lifetime disappears
against the ENDLESS time of pain and fears.
But he who gives life meaning will command
my soul to go to heaven without end.

How one must live is settled by the ink
in holy books so I don't have to think.
There's good and evil, black and white no grey.
It makes the life so easy, I would say.

He gave my sister cancer, sad but true -
and cured her through the things that doctors do.
Because of his great kindness he decides
allowing the free will for genocides.

created pleasure, lust, temptation, gays
but judges it as sin, mysterious ways...
Created nature, logic, thought and reason;
replacing faith with those is really treason!

There's just one truth, no trueness twins!
Where science ends, there faith begins.
one looks for anwers, one just knows
and one stands still, and one still goes.

I guess my points are watertight,
I must have won, I know I'm right!
it's obvious, I guess, just look:
no contradictions in my book.

March 25th 2013, 18:22:12
Two staves in I thought you were being serious..
Great poem! I have talked to a lot of people with exactly this point of view - only they were unaware of the irony.. You hit that right on the head.
Little nitpick though: Verse Seven, that's "deny" not "denie".

March 26th 2013, 15:05:01
thanks (I've also corrected the typo)
I wanted to write lyrics for a song about a year ago, but it turned out more like a poem, but a bit unfinished.. I just recently rediscovered it and added two more staves and made some changes, and now that's what came out, and I guess in every stave there's at least one aspect of belief, which really would require my brain to bend quite a bit in order to believe it. The weird thing is, that I kind of used to believe much of this a few years ago, and I have in the last two years or so started to bend it straight again...
I guess this here is a kind of way for me to deal with all that.
but I'm glad, that I cought the irony so surprisingly well. ^^

March 30th 2013, 00:09:12
I love it, and you should go back to that original idea and sing it. (:

May 21st 2014, 02:21:57
Nice to know the community is still as creative as ever. Great poem. I wonder what kind of music this could be set to?

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