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September 07th 1998

Ploskostnost Intruduction

Added:December 26th 2016, 06:20:07
Series:[ MDP ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 2)

Here I'll start to explain things. You should have some spare time which you would literally like to waste on nonsense. You'll probably have a good laugh. Even while I take all of this quite seriously I still won't mind it because I get it, it really may be stupid at times!

The best way to read it, I guess, is to interpret it as a fiction like Lovecraft stories or something similar. Though it maybe not that fun or exiting. And not story-driven (but I got Under-ploskost diary which would contain stories when I'll start working on it)

Not so long ago I decided to sort things out. I have 2 60-paged copybooks with unsorted encrypted (I really like Enigma encryption!) thoughts of all this stuff. Also I wanted to start sharing these things and thought that it would be good idea to start somewhere small, unrelated to my real life and open-minded community like our favorite phq.

There's going to be a bunch russianisms or even neologisms but I'll try to explain them all.

So... Here's goes nothing!

What is this? P-p-loskostnost?

Ploskostnost - is mild-philosophy/belief which revolves around understanding, on surface, that fantasies are most valuable things and, going deep, that you are actually just a fantasy. It's still just a mere drop in it's meaning though. It encourages escapism of all kinds. Ploskostnost explains the universe construction by using ploskosti, mirrors, threads and rearranging stations and, the most important, essences and their fantasies. I would explain all of this in the next issues.

What does that word mean in the first place? It sounds so stupid!

Ploskostnost derived of ploskost (which means plane from geometry) + suffix -nost (which adds a meaning of mode of life). I couldn't use English equivalent as it doesn't have the same mood. The name represents the place where essences live. This word have been chosen because of one of the ways planes are created. It determines by three non-collinear points which forms, theoretically, a triangle. One of the most perfect, strong and simplest figures. This figure is a perfect fit for such unstable world keeping it in line.

Why should I believe in it?

First of all, you shouldn't. Secondary, I don't insist that you should. BUT it may make you find peace in situations around world and yourself. And you would have an excuse to fully go into escapism!

Where did you get that idea?

Here goes quite personal stuff. First, I'm diagnosed with F20.1. Then, I tried Shulgin stuff. So that's another reason not to listen to me seriously. BUT it only made me develop the idea. It all started from my first years of actual consciousness. I legitimately started to escape reality as early as around 6 years old. It was unconscious and I didn't though about it that big. Then stuff happened. And I got first grasp of it. Then another one. And so on.

So you call yourself a f**king prophet now?

Well, no and I wouldn't like it too. I don't know for sure if that's real of course it's not, dummy as in any form of belief even including atheism. I'm not trying to convey anyone to my beliefs. I'm writing this for my own amusement. And then, if someone can be called prophet, it's Mikhail Iznakov, not me. You'll get acknowledged to him in another series.

What's the benefits among other beliefs?

There is no bad things, sins, haram, karma and other restrictions applied by higher essences. It's still isn't nice to go killing and raping people, though, because there are restrictions by society. Nonetheless, whatever you do you'll end up in under-ploskost anyways with the same advantages as others. Also, it seems to be compatible with any major religion over there. Hinduism and Buddhism are little hard to combine with my belief though.

And atheism. Well as atheism is absent of divine meaning of life and lack of after-death it may disturb some of you a little. The meaning of life according to Ploskostnost is to create your own worlds. Then, it implies that you going to get there after your death.


That was brief introduction to Ploskostnost. I couldn't though of any more general questions. If you have questions, ask them in comment section. I'll answer them in next issue. implying someone would actually read it.

And yeah, please, don't hate on me. Please.

September 18th 2017, 18:34:26

January 07th 2019, 14:51:25

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