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Time, Space and Death

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Type:Diary entry
Added:September 14th 2018, 18:16:21
Series:[ Not-so-personal diary entries ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 2)

"'Let's do Inktober!', they said, 'It will be fun!' they said."

Just another personal 'diary' entry.

I'm back from the dead, I guess.

These last weeks I've been experiencing a MASSIVE artblock, and then I remembered that inktober is coming. What a nice timing eh? Luckily, after reading the prompt list for this year some ideas came to my mind.
So I decided to torture myself and try to create landscapes and sceneries based off the prompts, because I suck at drawing backgrounds.

Now let's see if I can pass the first week without dying. Are you guys going to join inktober this year?

And shoutout to Muddasheep who managed somehow to complete inktober last year.

September 15th 2018, 22:07:27
It's good to hear that the prompt list is at least getting you to draw something! I've been thinking really hard about whether I can do inktober this year, it was such a valuable learning experience last year. I fear it would get in the way of finishing the HQ Trilogy. On the other hand, drawing at least something small every day wouldn't hurt, would it xD

If you join, I wish you maximum creativity, patience and endurance!

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