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Can we bring out our ugly sweaters already?

Type:Diary entry
Added:November 02nd 2018, 16:42:19
Series:[ Not-so-personal diary entries ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 2)

Christmas is coming.

I can't believe october is over already. Damn, time flies.

Speaking of october, I did it. I made one drawing a day without dying. And my takeways for inktober is:

1. It made me draw things that I wouldn’t usually do

2. It made me come up with ideas to draw more easily

3. It’s fucking tiring to draw everyday

Overall I had fun and this is what matters, but I don't think I'll be drawing anytime soon now.

Also, I don't think Grinchworm is in a good state of mind to be king. He seems a little IiNNnSSsSaANEEe...

November 05th 2018, 21:55:53
Congratulations!!! :D Your inktober images are just AMAZING, I have no idea how you kept up the quality for so long. I just had to draw a bunch of circles and that still took me at least an hour, while you went all out with backgrounds and colour o_o XD

And I agree, it's ... tiring and also the stuff about coming up with shortcuts to make things easier. I had most of the days planned ahead in a text file, but when the day arrived, and I sometimes knew I couldn't fit in the required amount of time, I took shortcuts to get the same basic idea. Inktober is really good in teaching that XD It's a good skill to have for a lot of things, to save time and still get a result you're satisfied with.

Again congrats, you really outdid yourself!

P.S.: Grinchworm becoming king along with his brother might have consequences xD

November 06th 2018, 02:48:09
Aww thanks, really! I tried to stick with the traditional black and white, but it was so... bland? So I ended up throwing some colors xD (was it cheating? Oh well)

And the planning... there were days that I was completely out of ideas and nothing would come to my mind, and with the deadline I needed to rush many things too. Now I have *lots* of thumbnails with discarded ideas. Might as well use some for future drawings lol

November 07th 2018, 21:13:45
I don't consider it cheating, Inktober isn't about sticking to the "rules" XD And besides, putting more effort into a drawing is definitely not cheating!

Looking forward to your future drawings :D

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