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January 30th 2009

HQA Comic - Scientific Approach (Characters)

Type:Diary entry
Added:January 07th 2019, 14:22:18
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 4)

Scientific Approach at Characters of HQA Comic. (SAaCoHQAC)
Note: This is not meant to offend anyone, dragons or victims.

So, there are at least 7 common characters in HQA Comic: Victim (Rusty), Dragon, Super Victim, Bonedude, Dragan, Jean-Luc Picard (Gothazod) and Somos (Son of Masters of Sadism).
Plus some uncommon characters: V.I.P. (Victim of Incredible Pain), Drageen, The Sun, Rebreak Shop Vendor (RSV) and Bonedude's sister. Not including millions of Dragan's children.
That said, enjoy the analysis.

The first five listed characters actually fit the roles of a five-man band.
Victim being leader, Dragon being a foil, Super Victim being dumb strong, Bonedude being smart wimp, Dragan being the woman (though inhuman).

Now, let's spread our characters according to DnD alignment chart.
Victim - Neutral Good; Dragon - Chaotic Neutral; Super Victim - Chaotic Neutral (later Lawful Evil, though he jumps back); Dragan - Chaotic Neutral; Jean-Luc Picard - Chaotic Neutral (later Chaotic Evil); Somos - Chaotic Evil; Bonedude's sister - Neutral; the rest of characters being either unaligned or hard to define.
Notice this! Most of characters are Chaotic Neutral and nobody except Somos is evil at start.

You could have noticed that most of characters are evil to a degree.
Dragon has done a massacre, killing Dragan, RSV and trying to kill all of his children. Which means ending more than a million of lives.
Super Victim became an evil tyrant after being fooled by Somos, though he later atoned with his life.
Dragan cheated on Dragon with RSV (poor guy...).
Jean-Luc Picard became Gothazod and tried to enslave the heroes. He succeed doing so with Dragan's children.
Somos is an outright evil, killing everything for audience.
Drageen and other children tried to revive Gothazod and even sacrificed one of their brethren.
This invokes a hidden lesson in your brain that states: "Nobody is born evil". Exception is Somos.

Enjoyed the analysis? Then DIE!

January 08th 2019, 18:01:55

January 08th 2019, 20:02:33
Thank you for dying!

January 09th 2019, 12:34:18
Thank you for dying!

January 09th 2019, 16:47:45
Thank you for doing deadly analysis!

January 21st 2019, 21:58:10
Great Work! lol ;)

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