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Time, Space and Death
Time, Space and Death

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Channel 101

Added:February 28th 2019, 02:57:16
Series:[ Storytime ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 4)

A little something I came up with at 3am.

Also, watch out for some Qookies

There he was, the man, laying on the ground, projecting a miryad of imaginary stars into the black sky above him. His imagination is very likely to be what kept him sane, for now at least. The man's eyes were not able to detect a single, dim light; not a trace of it. The man was surrounded by nothing but darkness, with only his thoughts as his company.

Good, he thought, still laying on the cold unknown surface. Actually, he preferred that way, as in the eyes of the man, light means danger.

After what seemed to be an eternity of boredom and nothingness, the man started moving again, feeling his way around, trying to find a way out. He wandered for what felt like hours, left and right through the unknown road ahead of him, until he finds what seems to be a larger room. After a few steps into the new place, he suddenly stops. A loud click behind him scares the man; the door behind him had closed shut, leaving him trapped in the new space.

No... Please not again...

The man tried to go back, banging on what he thought was the door where he came from. Then behind him a click was heard, and the room got illuminated by a single white strip, than another, and another, creating a plead pattern on the ground, the walls and the ceiling.

With that, the man stopped. And let out a deep sigh, accepting his fate.

* * *

You know, there is this strange channel that broadcasts nothing but a black screen. It's called the channel 101. If you are lucky enough you may stumble across this particular channel, and, if you are even more lucky, you may be able to watch more than a black screen. Sometimes your eyes may catch this strangelly addicting show, where you can enjoy people being killed in the most variety of ways. Nice, isn't it?

Ah yes. For the curious, the show is called Halfquake.

March 02nd 2019, 11:45:17
Very well written! I love the idea of channel 101 :D I may be biased though...

March 02nd 2019, 14:06:13
Thanks :D Well, the channel idea came from a certain killing institute's entertainment show...

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