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January 30th 2009

Videogame Enemies - Scientific Approach

Added:March 11th 2019, 18:35:01
Rating:4.42/5 (Votes: 7)

Another scientific approach, this time about enemies in video-games.

Hello, friends...
Today in our test chamber are enemies from video-games. These cliches apply only to FPS. Maybe something else.

There is a ladder of mooks that consists of 4 steps: Fodder (Headcrab/Dragon), Mook (Slave), Elite (Grunt) and Boss (Nihilanth/Somos). Boss is divided shorter into two: Puzzle (Tentacle/Somos) and Sponge (Nihilanth). You may sprinkle in some undefeatable mundane enemies, but they would be just Puzzles.

Fodders are your average Headcrabs/Dragons. They are common and weak, sometimes annoying. Alone, it's defeated. In group, it's defeated TOO.

Mooks are mooks. They aren't obnoxious like Fodders, but not powerful like Elites. The medium. Alone, it's defeated. In group, it may be overwhelming.

Elites are upgraded mooks, usually placed in the lategame. Don't think you'll get away without beating them... Alone, it may be a bit difficult to defeat them. In group, it IS overwhelming.

>Puzzle Boss
Attacking obstacles portrayed as alive creatures that you need to bypass/kill using methods other than weapons.

>Sponge Boss
Damage-sponge. Shoot and strafe, shoot and strafe.

Don't be shy and try to break these cliches! Do something innovatory! Like invulnerable mundane mooks or multi-stage boss with 'Puzzle' and 'Sponge' being it's stages. Or maybe a multi-boss stage. Try breaking these rules. You will never succeed.

On this happy note, I can end this with a sigh and a smile.

March 12th 2019, 15:18:50
Another deadly analysis! I tried breaking some of the cliches and my head exploded. I guess I didn't succeed.

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