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Time, Space and Death
Time, Space and Death

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Time is indeed a sadistic monster

Type:Diary entry
Added:May 11th 2019, 08:02:41
Series:[ Not-so-personal diary entries ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 4)

A thousand dollars can't buy a second of your time.

I just realized how much time I've lost during all these years of existence.

So ever since I started my full time job I haven't had time to do anything at all, and now I've decided to manage every second I get and damn, it sure is helping me get my shit together. Also, it's a great way to fight procrastination, which I'm a true king of lol

This made me learn how to (kinda) manage better my time to make everything I need. Needless to say that this is also helping me cope a lot with the "I'm feeling terrible because I wasted all my time doing nothing the whole day" feeling when I go to sleep.

Also I decided that I'd try to draw something every week or two (I regret so much when I had time and did absolutely nothing for like, weeks, and sometimes months even) and sometime in the future maybe start selling my art. Oh How I Regret Procrastinating - Vol. II

I guess my takeaways from all this is that if you think you've got no time for anything you should plan your days. You'll be surprised by the ammount of things that can be done within 24 hours.

Anyways thanks for reading this and idk, give your opinions about the subject lol, how do y'all manage your free time and stuff, because damn, it's hard to fit everything into my schedule without sacrificing some sleep time

June 01st 2019, 11:33:44
I know that feeling of procrastination regret all too well. I also plan my days sometimes and I'm really productive, but this comes at a cost for me - I'm exhausted the next day(s). The more I do, the more tired and downtrodden I am the next day.

June 01st 2019, 21:28:45
I agree that planning is a good idea, I usually like to write lists (of smaller tasks that can be done in a day) and then tell myself to at least accomplish one task every day.
The cost of this, as TheNameless mentioned, is that over time... you burn out. It's really important to also plan in some time to do nothing, as weird as that sounds.
In my case, I force myself to do absolutely nothing every Sunday. I don't get anything done, but I have enough energy for the rest of the week, and I have Sunday to look forward to even more.
Also, finishing tasks can be an addiction too, which is very dangerous.
But enough with the negative stuff :D I'm glad you found a way to Get Things Done™! Procrastination definitely is its own kind of demon that is very hard to overcome, so congratulations!

//Edit: Also, the realization that there really is only a limited amount of time is really scary. On the one hand it's motivating to continue to not waste time, on the other hand you feel like in the end it doesn't matter anyway. It's really hard to stay balanced, I think.

June 02nd 2019, 01:28:17
@TheNameless Feeling burnt out after doing things is terrible, specially when you've been following a schedule, the feeling of getting back to square one just worsen the stress (I learned how to not overdo things the hardest way lol)

@Muddasheep For me daily lists is too much pressure for me so I keep just long-term ones. I need to try more to have some nothingness time, despite my brain trying to sabotage me telling it's wrong. And yeah, I try not to think too much about this limited time thing, or else I'll think it's not worth it and then it's a downhill from there. Now I just hope I keep Getting Things Done™ xD

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