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Greatfox's Remote Corner of Nostalgia
Greatfox's Remote Corner of Nostalgia

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July 27th 1996

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Mood:mmmmh... doughnuts
Type:Diary entry
Added:July 09th 2021, 18:24:18
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 3)

A note on a certain forgotten PHQ feature, as well as a little bonus for the readers.


While you might think of other cookies, the ones I had in mind were Sadistic Fortune Cookies (tm) - these used to be quite plentiful when the game was populated. The short, partially anonymous surprise messages for only 100 SD were quite fun to read, too.
Sadly, I haven't seen these in stock for quite a while - if my memory does not betray me, the cookie stock was already empty back in 2015, when we had the last Common Enemy attack.
I've made a few cookies with some random ideas to promote this forgotten feature a little, so feel free to buy them. And make a few of your own so that you are allowed to purchase more.

For the dedicated reader who got this far, here's my personal cookie dough recipe:

500g margarine;
780g flour;
400g powdered sugar;
2 pcs eggs;
a little pinch of each: baking soda, salt, vanillin;
1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Mix the margarine and the powdered sugar, then add the eggs. Continue mixing until the powdered sugar dissolves (you might want to stop a bit before that happens since it might take a while). Add the baking soda, salt, vanillin and the lemon juice, mix them in, then add the flour. Mix all of that until it becomes a homogeneous mass, which is your cookie dough now. You might want to cool it down in a refrigerator before you proceed with the cookie cutting.

July 09th 2021, 21:23:49
Hey Greatfox! Nice to see you back here, what a cool recipe, i think it's missing a particular ingredient to make it more sadistic, like, say, onions, dragon wings, or something else completely random xD I hope your cookies sell and get appreciated as they should!

July 12th 2021, 09:10:24
Well I Tried to make some Cookies
but Finally i ran outta ideas,LOL XD

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