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Syndel's Spire

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the zone?

Type:Diary entry
Added:March 19th 2004, 22:10:34
Rating:Not rated yet.

i just felt bored so i thought about some things.

here i am. a dim light shines from the light hanging from the ceiling and a glow comes from my computer. theres an empty glass next to the keyboard, dusty unused speakers waiting to be plugged in, a monitor to look into.

some people say that you are looking at the monitor but this isnt true in a gamers sense, you look into it to see a world coming out at you whatever you are doing. there are hundreds of options open to you but you keep going in the same routine. after a while you get accustommed to the feel of the keys on the keyboard and start to drift into an area where there is more reaction then concious choice in this world. the world seems to drift into something completely more irrelevent every second and the most important thing - the one your mind is set on is what to do next.

its a first person shooter - someone jumps down in front of you and starts blasting away at you with a double barrled shotgun whilst you quickly strafe in an effort to avoid him while fireing your currently held weapon in random bursts towards the enemy before you can come in with a more precise shot. BANG...

the sound of the death whistles in your ears as the enemy body falls to the ground semi-slow motion. but there isnt time to think. suddenly a strange red beam catches your eye as it crawls accross the screen.....

you dive left dropping your gun, the snipers bullet whizzes past your head where your head would have been. you hit the wall hard but feel nothing as you snatch around on the floor for anything usable for a weapon, suddenly a grappleing hook respawns.

swinging round the wall you fire the grappleing hook at the enemy player and it hits his gun and clamps onto it. as you activate the grapple you pick up your old weapon as the sniper rifle zooms toward you. by the time the sniper rifles in reaching distance the snipers dead.

the map changes its a warzone now you are crossing the water and have met someone called skinner. he tells you how low the chances of getting up the beach alive are but then explains how we have to or else there will be worse things behind us. the boat hits the land and the front hatch opens and you all dive out skinner makes for a wall towards the right and motions you to follow him. but as he turns round a shell lands between the two of you and you just have time to stop running before it explodes

your dizzy you cant see clearly but one thing you can see is that the wall skinner was against isnt there anymore and nither is skinner. there seems to be considerable less people out there now. a silent graveyard and you realise there is not much chance of rescue. you move your leg slightly and then make a mental note not to do that again because of the pain. you look up - your vision is starting to clear you can see up the beach you notice an enemy officer looking in your direction and ordering a sniper to take aim. you pull out your pistol and take as best aim you can and fire. the last thing you hear is the bullet richocheting the wall just left of you.

moral: where do you draw the line against reality and fiction?

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