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The Assaasin [pt1-Victimisation]

Added:March 19th 2004, 23:24:12
Series:[ Victimisation ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

Small start.

The bullet shot from the barrel at speed, and by the time the victim reacted it was already far too late. The body hit the ground with a thud, motionless on the black ground. The lone assassin wandered casually over, checked the body for any items, passing over a black watch with blue neon glow and a makeshift club; two claws fastened together with what looked like muscle sinew. It was a surprisingly effective tool. This victim had cost the facility dearly, they had just seemed to want to bash through everything in sight and as a consequence left a trail of destroyed traps. Violence, the Assassin reflected, was no way to survive.

"Is he dead?" the voice came from the shadows like every other voice in the 'house of death'
"Well he doesnt seem to lively," the Assasin replyed sarcasticly.
"Good," continued the voice "the next one should be arriving in ten minutes if he makes it past the new set of dragons... by the way, management seems to be thinking of promoting you closer to the entrance."
The assasin shifted his eyes towards the shadows "Do you think that really matters to me? Seen one victim - seen them all."
The voice sighed deeply "You do know that if you dont like it here you are more or less free to leave..."
"Hah i doubt it! but even if i did it would be no better up on the surface - at least here the people arent held back from killing because of the fact they are all humans." said the Assassin.
"Very well..." said the voice. It was impossible to tell if the owner of that voice felt any concern - any compassion or understanding of what was said. The Assasin felt him leave the area and smirked at an inside joke. He too, turned to leave, but something else caught his eye - diary on the floor next to the fallen victim.

It is my third day here now I think. Not that i know where here is yet. In some places it could be underground in others it could be on the surface with wide rolling spaces. Some places I could really beleive I'm in space.

The Assasin stopped reading. They're all the same, he thought to himself. A trap door opened and the fallen victims body tumbled down into the endless chute as a sound of footsteps came from the passage where the victims enter.

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