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The Victim [pt2-Victimisation]

Added:March 20th 2004, 10:21:48
Series:[ Victimisation ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

Another part of the series.

"I dont know how long I've been in here now but nothing could have prepared me for the fight on my hands a minute ago." Even in writing the diary the Victim's hands were shaking. "I swear it was human - it had to be." He paused. He wanted to say that it was only a human that could be that confidently cruel in killing other humans but it pained him. He felt he had to believe the masters of this place had some humanity. Continuing, he wrote "It had to be... because he looked like a human. I still dont know quite how I escaped - all I know is I'm still alive... though I doubt that means much." The Victim looked around himself. He was in a large room with paintings on the wall. The paintings looked like they showed humans but... also non-human shapes that appeared to have arms and legs, standing in portrait. "This place is getting stranger by the minute. I must keep going." The Victim closed the diary and walks around the room.

"You let him go didn't you?" accused the mysterious voice. "You know... It is only human to take pity on-"
"Hah! pity? I have abandoned all that's humane and you accuse me of pitying this helpless Victim?" The Assassin laughed. He grinned into the darkness, but doubt wriggled it's way into his mind. Perhaps there was some truth in the accusation. If one could just make it to the end then... What then? He thought, What happens when they run out of traps?
"I know what your thinking," said the voice "You know that we cant afford you missing opportunities."
The Assassin, grimaced. How could he know that he let him go? He fired as he had a hundred times over - just missed by an inch and the victim had dived forward into the next room. How could he know that he'd missed on purpose?
"It doesn't matter - you wouldn't risk losing me yet - I'm too valuable."
"Not if you don't take the victims down," the voice replied. "It is not... entertaining to see ineptitude. The victims are here to be punished. I have the training room prepared if you wish to practice." The voice drifted away, as if moving through the walls to the exit and added "You cannot afford another mistake - we can."
The presence of the voice left the room again. "Only human," the Assassin said to himself and grabbed his one shot rifle and reloaded.

"You know he's to valuable to lose, Master."
"Bah - we can get more like him, but I think I have an idea."
"He wants to be human? Let us show him what it means to be human in this place."

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