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The Sadistic Village [pt4 - victimizeation]

Added:July 08th 2004, 17:27:29
Series:[ Victimisation ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

The Victim had just left the fields, his ears ringing with the song of the strange windmills, the whistling finally leaving his mind. The ground he was sitting on felt prickly and spikey and the green in the grass was so pale it reminded him of dying plants - the white of the chlorophyll starved stems as they slowly died.
The only memories he had seemed to be from a differnt life. He couldn't remember when he'd last seen daylight and could barely remember what it looked like... Or what it looked like before his 'rebirth' the Victim sighed. Why did they call him a 'victim' anyway? Did he actually have a name? Was it worth the struggle? The puzzles weren't too hard - mainly just exhausting or draining. But the difficulty was rising.
He thought back over what he had already suffered... there had been a giant word search where, when he over-balanced on a letter, he had almost lost an arm. There had been a life booth... It had made him feel warm and comfortable, the air a sickeningly heady mix of chemicals around the simple hand-print button. It seemed so far away now. There had been others, too. There must be one soon, he thought. He cradled his arm and tried to think more. It surely can't get to much harder - there has to be a limit... Surely there must be an exit? The victim got to his feet and headed through the portal leading to the village.

"He's still alive then?"
"Umm... Yes... Ummm Sir?"
"If we dont kill him quickly the... the... recruit... will catch up..."

"A flower?" The victim stared at the vacant eyes of the guard.
"Yes... Please... Doesn't have to be a specific shade..." replied the guard.
"Don't you mean colour?" The Victim asked.
"No," The guard replied.
"Alright... So thats some food and a flower? I'll be off then," the Victim said.
He started exploreing the area surrounding the village. Honestly, he thought to himself exacerably, a flower and some food for access to the village? And what about patience? Experience level? He felt like he was in a game with no control at all. The food wasn't too hard. It seems people take things fairly literaly here, and the meaning of 'edible' could be almost anything. In the end he had lured a rat towards him and broke it's neck with his bare hands. The vermin were docile and slow. He wondered how someone with problems with cruelty to animals would survive this task. It was obvious that he would have to keep playing this game until he could escape. "I wonder if theres a fire escape?" the Victim said to himself without to much hope.

The Sword of Sadism fell to the floor.
"Damn..." the Assasin struggled to get to his feet. he hadnt realised how hard it was later in the institute. He decided that he might actually live through it - if only because he had a better aim then the Victims. Perhaps if no other could make it through he would still have a chance. He was headed to the heart of the complex - even if he only knew that because that was where the Victims usually ended up. All paths seemed to lead there, and as long as he was in this rat maze he would follow the path. He knew that sooner or later if he banged on enough doors someone would come and tell him he's had his taste of freedom. The village ahead seemed like a safe place to stay away from the creatures for a while. It's odd grey walls were oddly comforting - There might even be a life cell, he thought.
"What are you doing here?" asked the guard "Here to chase down the other fellow? Missed one-" he was cut short by the assasin grabbing his neck and slamming him against the wall.
"Open the door or I'll kill you now."
"Hah you should ask nicely, we all don't mind death here." he pointed with his free hand towards the sign above the village.

'Ye ole' sadistic village'

The Assassin paused, weighing his options for a moment. "Alright, open the door now or I'll tickle you" smiled the assasin.
"You wouldn't!" the guard protested, but on seeing the glint in the Assassin's eye, he said "Alright! Alright! I'll open the door." the guard grumbled and pressed a hidden switch. The door opened with a long silence... It might have been a creak but that wouldn't have been unpredictable enough. The Assasin smiled.
"Tsch... some people have no sense of humour," the guard said, closing the gate behind him.

September 12th 2004, 01:34:35

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