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The Chosen Victim. [pt5-Victimisation]

Type:Diary entry
Added:July 09th 2004, 23:03:58
Series:[ Victimisation ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

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"Ok, flower? Check. Rat? Check."
The victim was heading back towards the village. He was thinking seriously about the institute. "Right, obviously this is a place where normal rules don't apply." He had scoured the land but had only managed to find a single flower - twice the hight of himself. He cut it from it's tree-like stem and picked it for the guard, packing it into a little bag he had slung around his shoulder. Somehow it had shrank as he pushed it in, until sitting undamaged at the bottom of the bag the flower sat like seasoning on the top of the dead rat feast.
"Why is everything black and white?" he asked himself aloud. The flower was grey - as was most everything else except the pale green grass. The depressing lack of colour made it impossible to see any backdrop - and though the Victim felt he must be confined somewhere the sky and fields seemed to go on forever
"It must be some sort of show or something right?" the Victim looked around almost expecting a folded part of sky, a patched-up backdrop on the hills or trap door in the ground. The closest he got to the later was when he realised he was sitting on a gravestone. The victim jumped up and stared around. He felt a presence in the air, like he was being watched. He decided to move on and headed back to the Sadistic Village.

"Welcome to Half-Quake!" said the speaker. The Assasin had entered an apparently vacant house and came face to face with a voice. "I commend you on your speed through the institute so far," the voice continued "You have made a most interesting victim. However... a little birdy told me you have seen most of it before..." It was true. He had once been a victim but the voice had come to him and given him an ultimatum... The kind you couldn't really say no to and live to tell the tale.
"You've given me your lesson... now what do you want with me?" the Assasin asked.
"Ah you've had the lesson - now it's time for the final exam. Remember that victim you 'missed'?" The voice almost laughed as he said it but it wasn't a happy encourageing laugh. It was mocking him. He nodded.
The voice was suddenly very serious. "Well... you've managed to catch him up - surpassed him even, through your crude but effective negotiation techniques. I beleive he is near the village now... Your final test is to kill him.... but I warn you. This will be no easy challenge."
The assasin laughed. "No victim can stand up to me!"
"Very well," the voice said, sounding satisfied. "I have matters to... Ehe... Attend to..." The voice faded into the distance and the assasin relaxed. "How hard could it be?" He asked himself.

A strange hooded figure passed by the gates of the Sadistic Village as the victim stepped into town. It was deathly quiet and seemed quite empty. There was a figure in a window but it quickly shut and sealed the shutters as the victim looked over.
There was a revolver lying on a barrel. "This is one bad dream," he said, grabbing the revolver - glad of the feeling of protection it gave. He checked the clip and noted the one single bullet. One bullet was better then none, right? He stepped out into the main road through the village. Somewhere, a clock struck out, echoing through the buildings and bouncing twisting in a distorted tone off the walls as a figure walked out into the street before him, arms danglign above a pair of revolvers in holdsters around his waist. As the final ball tolled he said one word - "Draw!" The Victim instinctively grabbed the revolver from his bag and fired. At the same time the figure clasped the trigger of his gun.

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