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The Assasin II [pt6 of victimisation]

Added:July 10th 2004, 09:17:41
Series:[ Victimisation ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

"Nghh..." the Assassin felt pain. The bullet had hit him with an unexpected accuracy. He glanced at his gun. "Son of a..." the Assassin fell face down on the green prickly soil.
"I..." the Victim walked towards the fallen body. Besides the body lay an almost identical revolver to his own except this one had a flag coming out of it with one simple message on it.


"I... Um... Ah." the Victim glanced at the Assassin again. The bullet had hit him solidly in the temple. How he had not died instantly was beyond his understanding. The Victim shook his head, looking around. He felt it was time to leave and headed for a strange gate that had appeared.

"Damn... How could he... Why?" the Assassin's ghost looked at the gun in a disbeleiving stare. It all seemed so far away now. It didnt actually matter. A tall dark cloaked figure came up behind him.
"Sadists today... They kill innocent... Well.. Almost innocent people," the figure said to the assassin.
"Are you death then?" the Assassin asked.
"Well... in a way yes - but in a more meaningful way - no. At least not for you."
"What?!?! What do you mean?"
"I'm afraid this is the only place in the entire universe where I cannot actually shepard souls. In fact - this place envelopes peoples souls and captures them when they die. It's kind of a torture after death. They don#t beleive in hell or heaven here," Death sighed. It was really sad that people could take enjoyment from this 'sport' there were even people queuing up to be the next victim.
"So... is there anywhere I go? Or do I just stay here and huant the place?" the Assassin asked without much hope. This place was even a prison after death, he thought. The sick freaks.
"I'm afraid I don't know the answer - it's one of the few things I don't know. Anyway, you get one dead man's wish if you want it," Death said, feeling kind. "Make it small though." the Assassin thought about it a while and said "I want this victim to find his way out... Find his way back to his home." The thought reminded him of his own life. so clear in death and clouded in life. He had been a simple office employe, Earning a decent wage and he had even had a family. He wondered how they were doing. A tear rolled down his cheek at the prospect of never seeing them again - even in death. The tear disappeared before it hit the ground. "There is no hope for me unless someone makes it out alive... or even dead."
Death nodded and then made to leave. "Try to enjoy your death." He was genuinely confused about the idea behind life in general. Maybe theese sadists had the right idea - death was better for most people then life. No hunger, no thirst, no suffering. Death was whatever you made it.

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