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Syndel's Spire
Syndel's Spire

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Type:Diary entry
Added:July 10th 2004, 09:34:22
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i dunno why i did this. i just felt like exploreing the only really true options in life.

i find myself in a black and white room. there seems to be no light. the lack of light hurts my eyes but when i close them the white and black pattern feels etched onto m eyelids. its impossible to escape this blackness. suddenly the white lines disappear and everything looks black. there is no light. theres not even darkness. the air was empty. the air had no feeling. my lungs felt obsollete. the lack of light seemed to zoom on me now. i was alone. the black was that feeling. the black was a part of me. the white was the contrast between myself and my life. the lines where the streets ive gone down. all leading in the same direction. the room wasnt just a room anymore. it was me. i was the room. my life spread along the smooth dark walls. the emptyness and uselessness. the walls werent to keep me in. they were to keep others out. the exit was only an interpretation of how we are all running from something. the life cell was the struggle for a better life. however we might discribe it. the death cell... the death cell was how it could all be ended. taking a leap into the unknown. for the right or wrong purpose. the room felt almost a part of me. the choice was life... death... or an exit... what should i choose? the death cell beckoned. but i was not ready. death isnt escape. its only what comes after this world. no one knows more then that. i headed for the exit. the room falling away behind me into the blackness which filled this world.

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